Kate Middleton’s sweet nod to late Queen when supporting her husband Prince William

By Staff

Prince William is ‘very lucky’ to have Kate by his side during tough moments, a royal author has said, praising her ‘calm’ character that never falters

Far from the castles and crowns you see in fairytales, the life of a real princess means demanding schedules and public duties, all while juggling family life.

Princess Kate rarely shows signs of her duties ever getting to her and remains poised, calm, and of course, elegant – boasting similarities to the late Queen. But recently Kate has taken some much-needed time away as she recovers from her abdominal surgery, in hopes of returning to duties in April time.

Royal author Tom Quinn told the Express that “everyone” he has spoken to says that Kate is “almost unnaturally calm”. Her soothing nature is said to have helped William a lot during touch moments.

He insisted that William is “very lucky” to have married Kate as she is “gives him what he’s always needed”. The expert added that the Princess of Wales “filled a hole” in William’s life that was left when his mother, Princess Diana, sadly died.

In recent years William and Kate have supported one another through several difficult times – Megan and Harry’s exit from the Royal Family, and the late Queen’s passing, to name a few.

Quinn believes that the couple, who will mark 13 years of marriage in April this year, remain strong due to their opposing personalities. Tom claimed: “We know from the book Spare that William is more inclined to emotional outbursts and sudden rages. That’s a thing that goes back through the generations of royal males, especially heirs to the throne who tend to have tantrums.

“I mean, Harry is the same. It’s interesting that William was drawn to, as you were saying earlier, opposites attract. Everyone I have spoken to said Kate is almost unnaturally calm.”

The royal writer continued: “Kate represents that solidity that the late Queen represented, a kind of never complain never explain, just very steady all the time.”

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