‘Living Nostradamus’ gets first prediction of 2024 right after chilling warning

By Staff

Athos Salomé aka ‘The Living Nostradamus’ from Brazil made some chilling and catastrophic predictions for 2024 – and it seems as if one of them has already come true

No matter how much of a sceptic you are – there’s just something so intriguing about psychic readings and finding out what’s going to happen in the future.

Now thanks to ‘The Living Nostradamus’ we’ve had a sneak peek into what’s ahead for us in 2024, and it seems as if one of his claims has already come true. Athos Salomé, from Brazil, warned that 2024 would be a year for a “new chapter in human history” with aliens, a robot rebellion, and global catastrophe – but also hope. He also claimed to have predicted the Coronavirus pandemic, the World Cup final, the Ukraine invasion and the death of The Queen.

One of his 2024 predictions was that there would be “three days of darkness”. Now, you may confused about how this has already happened without you noticing, but Salomé told the Daily Star in 2023 that a “solar flare would hit Earth, and that a coronal mass ejection (CME) was ahead of us.”

A CME is an ejection of a magnetic field and plasma mass from the Sun. Although these happen every few days, they don’t tend to have much effect on Earth, however, on March 24, a “major ‘X-class’ coronal mass blast from the Sun was recorded by scientists” as reported by Tyla. This was believed to have been the biggest solar storm since 2017.

The effects of this haven’t been fully measured yet, but Salomé estimated the solar blast would last for three days in pitch-black. He told The Star last year: “The piece delves into conspiracy theories surrounding the Three Days of Darkness coinciding with a total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, raising concerns about solar coronal mass ejections (CMEs).”

The original Nostradamus was said to have predicted events such as the rise of Adolf Hitler, the assassination of John F. Kennedy and even the 9/11 attacks – and Salomé is following in his footsteps. Other predictions the 37-year-old has made will be an “asteroid abundant with rich materials” hurtling for Earth and will land safely next year, sparking the new space race as countries fight to get their hands on it.

He also claims that AI will “awaken” and become self-aware – leading the way for a machine-led rebellion. When it comes to global conflicts, Salomé claims it’s an “urgent reality with World War 3 being suddenly triggered by either an event in the South China Sea or a major cyber attack, with a fight between China and Russia descending into an all-out war.

Let’s see how this year holds up if his first prediction has already come true.

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