London’s ‘super sewer’ now complete but it will be paid for with higher water bills

By Staff

The project has cost billions but is set to be operational for two or three hundred years

A new ‘super sewer’ will soon be operational underneath London. The Thames Tideway Tunnel has taken 20,000 people eight years to build, costing £4.5 billion.

It is therefore one of the largest engineering projects the capital has seen in recent years. Stretching 25km from Acton to Beckton, its creators say it will alleviate some of the burden on the capital’s pre-existing Victorian subterranean infrastructure.

The project now complete, the BBC reports. Now operational, officials say the tunnel will cut sewage spills into the River Thames by 95 per cent.

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This will be done by providing extra capacity and a reservoir for sewage waiting to be treated. It is overseen by Tideway, a company distinct from but funded by Thames Water.

The water firm’s 15 million customers will paying via their bills for the monolith, which runs underground along the bank of London’s main natural waterway. It is designed to last 120 years but Tideway CEO, Andy Mitchell, told the PA news agency last year that the tunnel will probably still be in use after two or three centuries.

He said: “What happens next is really up to nature. What we know we will see is a much healthier river with younger and older fish and mammals that always would have been here and we clearly can expect to see them prosper. Part of the excitement is that we don’t really know what that means because we’re talking about a river as healthy as it was a long time ago, possibly before detailed records of what was in the river were had.

“So this is going to be a bit of a journey in itself in terms of what does nature do now. And I think it’s going to be a huge amount of fun watching what that actually means.”

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