Man orders UK’s ‘biggest’ Greggs bacon roll – with 51 rashers and 2,900 calories

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Would you tuck into this bad boy butty? One man has after getting Greggs staff to pile a whopping 51 bacon rashers onto a soft roll – and people are gobsmacked

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Man orders ‘biggest’ bacon butty from Greggs – with 51 rashers

There’s nothing quite like a tasty bacon butty from Greggs to start your morning off in the right way.

But many fans of the bakery chain will be seething this morning after an IT glitch has left stores unable to take payments for their delightful baked goods. It’s bad news for those in Manchester, Newcastle, and Cardiff, as they’ve had to shut their doors to the public.

There was no such trouble when Craig Harker went to Greggs for a massive bacon butty, however. He fancied a ‘meaty’ breakfast, getting staff to pile a mammoth 51 rashers of bacon in a soft roll.

In total, the butty came to a huge 2,920 calories, meaning Craig Harker had eaten his daily allowance in just one meal. Craig left staff at the bakery bemused as he asked them to pile the rashers high. He posted a video of the meaty creation on his TikTok account in 2022, showing how the £16.40 sandwich was so big it had to be served in a doughnut box.

He soon realised that his eyes were bigger than his belly, however, admitting the bacon butty ‘absolutely destroyed me’ and he ‘didn’t eat one for a few days’ as a result of his challenge.

Although unable to finish it, Craig shared the rest with his partner Rochelle Fairley and his three kids. Craig, from Hardwick, Stockton-on-Tees, said: “I think it’s the UK’s biggest bacon bun – I know we were hitting some sort of record.

“When she served it to me in the doughnut box, I thought ‘I’ve never seen a bacon butty that size before – that looks incredible’. I was just driving past and fancied a Greggs bacon sarnie, so I went in and said ‘can I have the biggest you can make me?’

“I was asking for more and more bacon and she just kept saying ‘yes’. When I reached 50 she said ‘I think we should stop here. I don’t think we’ve got a box big enough’.

“The box was meant to fit six doughnuts, and it ended up fitting one massive bacon sandwich. It’s the biggest bacon sandwich I’ve ever seen in my life – it was absolutely huge.

“It’s my local Greggs so they’re used to me ordering these big wacky meals. As soon as I walk in they’re like ‘what do you want?’ They know I’m going to order something a bit different. I love bacon sarnies, but after that I didn’t eat one for a few days.”

Craig began food blogging alongside his day job because he enjoys letting his followers in on ‘secret menu’ items, as well as sharing discounts for people looking to save some cash. He said: “What I really like sharing is budgeting and discount savings for people, so if I find an offer on somewhere, then I love sharing it.

“I love sharing any discounts I can find or ways to save money, because at the minute everyone’s skint and need a money-saver. When I go out reviewing food I love advertising and supporting other businesses, especially independent ones. Often within days that business will get so many more customers just through the videos.

“The standard news is doom and gloom, whereas when you talk about food everyone brightens up and gets a smile on their face. We all have to eat every day, it’s just how you do that. The Greggs bacon butty is definitely a national institution – everyone throughout the country knows what they serve and everyone lives within about 10 miles of one.

“The fact that it’s readily available means anyone, anywhere in the country can go and get that whenever they want. But I reckon if everyone did that Greggs would have a nationwide bacon shortage.”

Greggs was approached for comment at the time.

Would you try this bacon butty? Let us know in the comments.

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