Most people fail baffling brain teaser challenging you to say colour and not word you see

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If you can crack this puzzle on your first go, and in less than 25 seconds – you are an absolute mastermind. But, be warned – it’s not easy and will send your brain ‘into overdrive’

Brits are being driven slightly crazy by this seemingly impossible puzzle that will make your brain ‘go into overdrive’.

If you want to put your eye and mouth co-ordination to the ultimate test, or keep the kids entertained for a few hours, this is the brain teaser for you. Created by Lenstore, the puzzle takes around 25 seconds to complete and most people fail three times before getting it right.

In fact, one in 10 users admit defeat almost straight away. But if you’ve managed to crack it on your first go and under the time limit, you are a real smarty pants!

In the image above, there are several different coloured spelled out. However, you’ve probably already noticed that the font colour doesn’t match the text. So, you need to accurately pronounce the colour instead of the word, from start to finish, without making any mistakes.

Lenstore says the reason this is so tricky is because ‘the right hemisphere of your brain is trying to pronounce the colour, while the left hemisphere insists on pronouncing the word’. Did you manage it? Well done, now scroll down for your next challenge…

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Keep your thinking caps on, because this riddle has left Brits across the nation scratching their heads. But if you think you have razor-sharp vision and analytical skills, this should be a problem for you.

“Mrs. Watt has 5 children. The oldest four children’s names are Lala, Lele, Lili, and Lolo,” the riddle reads. “What is the name of the youngest child – why do people laugh at her name?”

Many people guessed the child’s name has to be Lulu. This is because the first four children have the same name with different vowels – and ‘U’ is the last one available. However, this is not correct. Stumped? You can get the answer here.

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