M&S shoppers praise ‘luxurious’ fluffy white gown and say it’s ‘better’ than a spa robe

By Staff

Cheaper than John Lewis and The White Company, the fluffy robe is ‘incredibly thick and plush but not too heavy’

The best part of a spa day has to be the robes, right? Those signature white, fluffy gowns are the epitome of luxury – but shoppers have found one on the high street and hailed it as ‘far superior’ to spa robes, and frankly, we’re sold.

Marks and Spencer’s Pure Cotton Towelling Dressing Gown comes in at £45, making it cheaper than the likes of The White Company and John Lewis, both priced at £65.

The ‘thick and fluffy’ robe has been hailed as ‘luxurious’ by fans, who say it’s perfect for when you get out of the bath, shower, or hot tub.

Made from 100 per cent cotton, the ‘soft’ long robe falls to calf length and has been praised by shoppers for its generous sizing, available in sizes extra small to extra large. And it’s seemingly one of the retailer’s best kept secrets, since it’s currently in stock in all sizes – though we don’t think it’ll stay that way for long after this.

Perfect for cosy, relaxing Sunday evenings and pamper sessions, the long hem ‘creates a flattering shape’, complete with a tie waist belt and handy front pockets.

It’s amassed a near-perfect 4.7 star rating from shoppers who adore its ‘lovely deep collar’ and the fact it feels ‘more expensive’ than its modest price tag.

One said: “Really thick and fluffy, I bought the white one, I went to a well known spa recently and this towelling robe was far superior to the one I wore during my spa day.”

Another added: “Lovely soft cotton towelling dressing gown looks and feels luxurious!” with a third commenting: “Top quality bathrobe. Feels more expensive than it was.”

Another described it as ‘worth every single penny’, but some have complained that, while ‘good value for the price’, it ‘sheds a little bit on first wearing.’

“Soft and absorbent this lovely robe is the best I’ve ever had. Lovely wrap around, sleeves just the right length and a lovely deep collar,” said another customer.

As someone who has enjoyed a spa day or two in her time (okay, I’ve been to three this year so far), I headed into store to see if I could find the beloved robe and honestly, I was seriously impressed. It’s incredibly thick and plush but not too heavy. The collar is lush, the pockets are deep and the overall quality is unbeatable for the price, and I’d be inclined to agree that it is better than some spa robes I’ve worn over the years.

What’s more is that, because it’s cotton, it makes it ideal for the summer months too as you won’t get too warm in it. Quiet luxury has been a major trend of the year so far, so why stop at your outdoor clothes? You can snap up the M&S Pure Cotton Towelling Dressing Gown here.

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