Mum ‘banned’ from three care homes after sleeping with the elderly residents

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Mum Tiff, 35, says she’s always had a thing for older men and has made a fortune from her spicy videos with pensioners and ‘forgotten men’ on adult platforms but her exploits have recently landed her in hot water

An adult film star says she earns a pile of money by cuddling up to older gents. But her quest to find, um, fresh meat, has caused her to be banned from several retirement homes in the area. Tiff, 35, from Wisconsin, has made a career out of making steamy videos with grandpas, but it was her latest post on Instagram that really stirred things up.

The mum told fans on the site: “I have been visiting quite a few assisted living facilities lately, and so far, I’ve been banned from three of them in Wisconsin for banging the residents! Now I’m sneaking them out because it’s the only way I can make my content.”

The blonde star says that her high-profile productions, while not so popular with the staff, are a big hit with the centers’ inhabitants. “They are tired of being stuck at the home, and regularly tell me that I make them feel young again with these shoots,” she said, “even the grandmas agree because I’m satisfying their husbands, which they can no longer do.”

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Tiff says that despite the setbacks, she’s still on the prowl for new old blood at her local retirement home: “My goal is to find new senior citizens who need some fun in their life they can’t get at home.” Her fans in stitches by her anecdote and flooded the comments section with praise for her unique service for the elderly. “

Tiff recently spoke to the Daily Star and explained that she works on different adult websites because they all have their own rules and fans. And her love of the older gentleman means she makes an effort to include guys in her videos who don’t usually get the chance to be in adult movies.

“I also make content with nerds and forgotten men,” she shared. She often films with guys who aren’t typically chosen for such roles, especially those who feel left out, possibly reflecting her own childhood experiences of feeling forgotten. She believes she’s now making around £16,000 (which is about $20,000) every week.

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