Mum buys sweet Shein Easter top for daughter and what arrives is a complete disaster

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Ordering clothes online can be risky – but one mum was stunned when she saw what was printed on the seeminly innocent Easter t-shirt for her six-year-old daughter

This mum definitely got more than she bargained for when buying her daughter a sweet t-shirt – and it wasn’t the message she wanted her daughter to wear out in public.

Ordering clothes online always poses risks as you never know if it will fit, as well as looking how you’d imagined. But one mum’s horror came when she ordered the Easter-themed tee for her six-year-old from online fast-fashion retailer Shein, and was stunned at what arrived.

The simple white top had “Happy Easter” printed in the middle in pastel lettering, and the ‘a’ was replaced with an illustration of the back of an Easter Bunny, decorated with flowers around the letters. However the graphic design came with an added phrase at the bottom that wasn’t advertised on the website.

A friend of the mum found it so hilarious they then posted a photo on Reddit of what her friend thought she had ordered from the Shein website for her daughter, and then alongside it shared a snap of what had arrived. The post said: “My friend ordered this for her daughter and this is what turned up.”

Underneath the “Happy Easter” design was a line that read: “Also I’m pregnant”. Stunned at the top that had arrived, it seemed as if fellow Redditors were amused by it. One user wrote: “Whoa that went really off script,” and another added: “It’s an Easter miracle!” To which the mum replied: “She is six.”

It seems as if Shein is known for a few blunders on their clothing items as one person jibed: “That’s hilarious. Classic Shein,” and a fourth penned: “What in the world? That is so bizarre. Why would they even be making that?” Whereas one person wasn’t impressed with the online retailer and said it was “deserved”. They wrote: “Deserved for ordering from Shein.”

Another Shein shopper was left mortified when she purchased a strappy dress with flower detailing from Shein as the last thing she expected was for people to point out something rude about the seemingly innocent motif.

Maddy Joy took to TikTok to post a short clip with her partner, and she happened to be wearing her new dress. But when the comments came flooding in, she was horrified to see others had a completely different take on her “beautiful frock”. “I thought the dress was a dildo at first, but you look so cute”, someone bluntly announced.

The Mirror has reached out to Shein for comment.

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