Mum labelled as a ‘life saver’ for simple wet wipe hack that saves you money

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A mum has been praised by fellow parents after sharing her incredibly simple – but very effective – hack when it comes to dealing with baby wipes. Parents wish they’d found it sooner

A mum has shared her genius wet wipe secret with fellow parents, who are now raving about her ingenious solution.

As anyone who has had children knows, wet wipes can be a nightmare. It seems almost impossible to pull one out of the packet without a whole clump coming out, which is both incredibly frustrating and not cost effective.

Thankfully, help is at hand. A parent has shared a video showing her clever way of ensuring you get just one wet wipe at a time, and it’s gone down a storm.

Lena Boston shared a video on TikTok demonstrating her incredibly easy method. She simply puts a black hair elastic around the packet with the tight band only allowing a single wipe out at a time.

Her followers were quick to comment on the video, with one asking, “Where was this when mine were still in diapers?! Great hack!!” “Oh my gosh, finally a solution to that!” a second replied.

A third person said: “I work at a day care, I hate these type of wipes! I’m definitely using this.” And a fourth added: “You’ve saved me so much time! thank you mumma!”

It comes after another mum went viral after sharing her hilarious hack for “lazy” parents looking to get their babies spick and span again after messy mealtimes – but not everyone is convinced.

In a video shared via TikTok, Sarah Flynn, 31, could be seen opening her walk-in shower, revealing her eight-month-old baby son, Leo splashing around happily in his high chair, clothes still on.

Sarah decided to pop Leo in the shower after he ended up getting particularly grubby during a meal, and his clothes and high chair ended up getting a good old scrub in the process.

The clip has since clocked up more than 34 million views and two million likes, and although some parents absolutely love it, others really don’t.

Sarah, who lives in Victoria, Australia, explained: “I hate carrying him to the shower all gross after his meals, so I drag the whole thing down there and put him in. It cleans him, the highchair, and rinses his clothes, too!”

Although she’s had to deal with a few negative comments, with some concerned followers even comparing the tip to ‘waterboarding’, Sarah says this hack is completely safe.

She continued: “Leo’s been showered since he was a newborn, so is used to water being on his face. He is never left unsupervised and he can breathe. He knows to face his head away from the water.”

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