Mum mortified after toddler’s new toy starts making ‘inappropriate moaning sounds’

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Mum-of-two Annie Vasseur has shared her horror after her toddler’s ‘faulty’ toy started ‘moaning like a woman being pleasured’ after she accidentally bumped into it

A mum claims a ‘faulty’ talking kitten teddy she bought for her toddler daughter has gone rogue and is making ‘inappropriate moaning’ sounds like a ‘woman being pleasured’. Annie Vasseur was horrified when she heard a female’s ‘moaning sounds’ coming from the ‘Glitter Me Kitty’ talking teddy she purchased for her three-year-old daughter.

The mum-of-two bought the toy for $24.99 (£19.50) from a department store last month but says she was unable to hear its talking feature in the shop due to the batteries being flat. On returning home, the 25-year-old installed new batteries and gave the toy to her daughter Aurora to play with.

However, days later she accidentally bumped into the kitty and overheard the ‘inappropriate moaning’ sounds the toy was producing. Video footage shows the toy making elongated ‘meowing’ sounds when you press its head, which concerned mum Annie believes are unsuitable for young children.

Annie said she emailed the toy manufacturer VTech last month about her concerns but has received no response. The medical technician says she is unsure if it is just hers that is ‘faulty’ or if there are others that are like this but believes VTech should urgently remove the toy from the shelves for being ‘too inappropriate’.

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YouTube videos appear to show other versions of the toy making similar noises however they are interspersed with more mundane phrases like ‘feed me’, whereas Annie’s toy only moans. Annie, who lives in Licking, Missouri, US, said: “My daughter was asking me ‘what’s that sound?’ It’s 100 per cent sexual. Imagine if she’d taken it to school with a toy making those sounds.”

Aurora is three – it’s a very impressionable age and she’s got a great imagination these days so to think she’s been playing with this toy for two or three days is very upsetting. The noises of our kitty sound more sexual and elongated [than other ones she listened to online]. We’re not sure if it’s faulty. We’re wondering if this one is messed up or whether they’re all like this.”

“The moaning is done in such a sexual way. Some of the meows are very prolonged and others are fast. There’s no way that’s just a coincidence. It sounds like a [adult] video. It sounds like a girl being sexually pleased. The noises this toy was making was not appropriate for kids of this age. She will not play with that toy again. I think VTech should remove the toy. It’s too inappropriate.”

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Annie is unsure if she bought a faulty toy or whether all the ‘Glitter Me Kitty’ teddies produce the same meowing sounds. The mum has since confiscated the teddy from her little one – insisting her tot will ‘not be allowed’ to play with the toy again.

Annie, who is also mum to four-month-old Esmerelda, said: “We were out shopping and Aurora decided she wanted this kitten and for some reason it kept beeping when we pushed the button so we presumed the battery was dead. We thought we’d just put batteries in it when we got home. We bought it, gave her the toy when we got home and didn’t think much about it.

“Two days later I accidentally hit the cat and heard this moaning sound. I was with my sister and we looked at each in the eyes and said ‘there’s no way that just came from this cat’. We could not believe it. We had heard regular meows up to this point so thought it was fine but hadn’t heard these moaning meows before. We initially thought it was just one moaning sound but then it kept making different inappropriate sounds and different types of moaning.”

VTech have been approached for a comment.

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