Mum says parents treat Easter like ‘second Christmas’ – but she doesn’t ‘get it’

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A mum has sparked debate online after she claimed she doesn’t understand why some parents treat Easter like a ‘second Christmas’ and buy presents for kids on top of chocolate

Easter Sunday means chocolate eggs – but one mum has criticised parents who go too far at this time of year.

If you’ve got kids, you may have spent a small fortune on Easter eggs that they’ll get to tuck into tomorrow (Sunday, March 31st) as we celebrate Easter Sunday. But have you also splashed out on toys and other presents for your children? Easter is traditionally a time when chocolate eggs are the only gifts exchanged, but in recent years some parents have decided to buy toys for their children instead – especially if their little ones aren’t big chocolate lovers.

But one mum has slammed this idea, claiming the holiday has become a “second Christmas” among some families, with friends of hers spending over $100 (£80) on “Easter baskets” filled with sweets, toys, and other gifts.

The mum said her family doesn’t celebrate Easter, so she doesn’t “get” the hype around the holiday – and seeing parents splash out so much makes her feel like “the Easter version of the Grinch”.

She wrote in a post on Reddit: “When did Easter turn into second Christmas? When I was growing up, Easter meant visiting my grandparents and getting a chocolate bunny. We don’t really celebrate it (atheists with no local family), our kid hates all candy and we don’t want to buy him cheap little toys, especially since his birthday and Christmas were not long ago.

“I have friends whose Easter baskets for their kids contain $100 of toys and candy, or they are giving their child a bike for Easter. When did Easter turn into a big gift-giving holiday? I’m feeling like the Easter version of the Grinch, but I just don’t get it.”

Commenters on the post were largely in agreement with the mum’s criticisms, with many saying they didn’t understand the pressure to spend money on every holiday in the calendar. However, some said it was nobody’s business what other people spend their money on.

One person said: “I agree with you. It really has become a second Christmas. I am not anti a small toy but goodness, it’s crazy what it’s become,” while another added: “We have three daughters and my wife spends about a $100 per basket every year. P***es me off to no end. Every time I push back it becomes a big fight and I’m the a**hole.”

But another defended the idea, writing: “My theory? Times are tough, politics is a mess, and people are depressed, so they find any excuse to enjoy a special day.” Someone else agreed, posting: “Why does it matter? If people enjoy buying their kids cheap plastic and going big for holidays, good for them. People who don’t, good for them, too.”

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