‘My baby screamed duration of our 3-hour flight – a brutally honest stranger helped me’

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A woman, whose baby cried for the duration of a flight, was left feeling relieved when fellow passengers provided her with some ‘comic relief’ on her flight, making her feel better

Nobody wants to draw the short straw on a flight and be sitting next to a bawling baby – but have you ever considered how the parent of the child might feel?

One woman, while travelling with her five-month-old baby, was subject to tears and tantrums from the little one, and was concerned that people may perceive her negatively. But her seat neighbours had quite the opposite response, however, as they delivered a ‘brutally honest’ comment after a chaotic flight.

The remark was received positively by the mum, and it left her laughing at the well-meaning stranger, even taking to Reddit to praise the flyer, a fellow parent who was also travelling with their children.

Recounting the hilarious exchange, the mum explained that she’d flown with her five-month-old baby for the first time. Fortunately, on the way to their location, her little girl behaved perfectly. She did not cry once, according to the proud mum, and she even “smiled for every passenger” and befriended the flight attendants.

Unfortunately, “she learned how to screech on vacation and was constipated for the flight back”. The mum wrote: “Needless to say, she screeched while she pooped the entire three-hour plane ride,” the mum wrote. “She was honestly not that bad, but I was a wreck.”

So when another family noticed the woman and her husband struggling, as they prepared their stroller, she welcomed the comic relief they offered. The mum explained: “I said to my husband, ‘Yup, we’re definitely one and done!’ A man gathering car seats for two children (probably two and five) next to us chimed in to say, ‘Yeah that’s a great idea.’ And looked at his youngest daughter and jokingly said ‘Just kidding, Nora. You’re great!’

“I looked at his wife and she was in total agreeance. I was stressed, but they looked MISERABLE. We all laughed and I loved his honesty instead of the typical ‘misery loves company’ statements.”

Equally delighted, a commenter thanked her for sharing the sweet story, meanwhile, others reassured the mum by sharing their own similar experiences.

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