‘My BBL is so big I get stuck in plane seats and I can’t find trousers to fit me’

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A woman said she was left ‘permanently mentally scarred’ after a BBL op meant she had to be pulled out of a plane seat by another passenger and she had to throw away all her jeans

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Woman explains why she regrets BBL

After spending over £10,000 on plastic surgery to fix her insecurities, a woman said the opposite happened and her ‘entire life fell apart’.

The Brazilian butt lift (BBL) has become increasingly popular in recent years but the surgery can come with serious complications. The procedure involves transferring fat from the tummy, hips, lower back, or thighs to your buttocks to increase their size, which results in the exaggerated hourglass silhouette shape.

Thanks to celebrities such as the Kardashian sisters, who have never admitted having the surgery, sporting curvy figures, the look has become one to aspire to for many. However, the surgery has the highest death rate of all cosmetic procedures and in the UK the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) has advised its members not to carry out BBL surgery, favouring another way to transfer fat using an ultrasound.

For one woman, who decided to go ahead with a BBL, the complications weren’t physically damaging but mentally. Despite having the procedure to help with her insecurities, it ended up having the opposite effect.

After the operation 25 year old Ava Louise from New Jersey put on some weight which became an issue for her because the transferred fat on her bottom added to the 30 pounds she gained naturally. The full extent of her decision really hit home when she was taking a flight and got wedged in the seat.

Ava shared her misery on TikTok and revealed what happened: “I was forced to fly economy after booking higher in order to make it home and my butt did get stuck in a seat. I had to have the passenger next to me help pull me out once we landed,” she said. “I thought they were going to have to call the fire department to cut me out of my seat, it was so mortifying.”

But fitting into plane seats wasn’t her only woe and she began to struggle with her clothing too. When she realised that none of her jeans fit her anymore, she was forced to buy extra large ones or wear elasticated leggings: “I had to order XL jeans to even get them over my cheeks but then they’d be massive in the waist. I only fit in leggings,” she bemoaned. “I had to dress with no sense of style because the only thing that fit me was stretchy leggings.”

This led onto another issue as she said she was forced to wear tight clothes that showed off her body and got her the wrong kind of attention: “My life after my BBL was awful, I got sexualized everywhere I went. I never really felt safe. I could not wear normal regular clothes because if I wore sweats, I would look fat, so I constantly had to wear skintight revealing clothing to look smaller,” she said. “I got no respect when I would try and shop in nice stores. People stopped calling me pretty. No one noticed anything about me besides my butt.”

Ava, who said she had the $15,000 (£11,000) surgery at the end of 2021 to try and get back with her ex after he told her she needed it, believed that her insecurities before the op came from her body issues but quickly realised that wasn’t the case and that her life before the surgery was “fine”.

“The surgery also didn’t fix any of my insecurities and left me permanently mentally scarred. If anything, I felt more insecure after getting the surgery because I no longer could fit in anything but fashion nova and stretchy clothes. It was hell. I gained weight so easily because of the BBL and ended up looking horrific. My entire life fell apart,” she said. Ava has since reversed the effects of the op through weight loss techniques such as exercise and dieting which took her just short of a year to do.

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