‘My dad gave a chilling deathbed confession – now I’m scared I’ll never know the truth’

By Staff

A man was left mortified when his dad made a confession to him on his deathbed, and he passed away shortly after – so he could never clarify whether what he said meant what he thought it did

Everybody has secrets that they may only share with certain people, or keep totally to themselves – and one man was left shaken by something his dad said on his deathbed.

When he was extremely poorly, and not making much sense, the man’s father alluded to the fact that he may not be his biological son – and the confession left him with way more questions than answers.

Writing to Dear Deidre, the hurt man said that shortly before his dad died, he began “talking about the past”, and what he revealed rocked his world – especially because his mother had died two years earlier.

The man explained that he’d always had a “normal family life”, and he has two younger sisters. The son explained that his dad began to speak about how he was excited to see his mum, who had passed away years ago – describing a time when she’d “hurt him”.

“Then he said he’d forgiven her and he loved me just as much as his daughters”, the distraught 60-year-old penned. His dad then got “muddled” about what he’d said, and when he tried to press for information, his dad acted like he hadn’t a clue what his son was referring to.

The man explained that his dad had passed away soon after, but he was finding it “hard to grieve” because he didn’t know the truth – and was concerned he’d never be able to find anything out as all his relatives of his generation had died.

Deidre responded to the man, explaining that she understood why he was so upset about the situation, suggesting a “DNA test” to compare DNA with his sisters. “However, think carefully. If you find out he wasn’t your dad, it might make you feel worse”, she warned.

She also pointed out that being a father is “so much more than DNA”, saying that his dad “loved him”, and that won’t change, whether he was biologically his dad or not. She also recommended counselling, so he could come to terms with what his dad said to him before he passed away.

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