‘My daughter refuses to invite her sister to wedding – I don’t know what to do’

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A mother’s been left ‘heartbroken’ after her youngest daughter wasn’t invited to her eldest’s wedding in case she has a panic attack and ruins the big day

A mum-of-two has admitted to feeling ‘torn’ after a fiery family feud between her two daughters left her ‘hopeless and helpless.’ After revealing that her eldest daughter was due to get married soon, she told how her youngest had been on medication for over eight years, after suffering from panic attacks since school.

She also shared how the two sisters didn’t get on due to celebrations always being interrupted by her youngest having an attack. She said: “I know my youngest isn’t doing it on purpose, but it really sucks when you are at a graduation and a panic attack happens. Sometimes she can get away and calm down, but sometimes she pushes herself too hard and it results in an attack.”

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However, the sister situation reached a fever pitch recently, as her eldest was due to get married and hadn’t invited her sister to her big day following events at her engagement party which had been the final family straw.

“During her engagement party, my youngest had an attack. The event ended soon after as the incident ruined the vibe. My oldest was really upset and kept going on about how she shouldn’t have invited her,” she revealed.

“Wedding invitations were sent out and my oldest didn’t invite her younger sibling. I asked her about it and she informed me that she wants her wedding to go smoothly and unlike all her other events, not get interrupted by a panic attack.”

After asking her to reconsider, she said: “She said no. She wants one day where it is about her, however my youngest is really upset and asked me to skip the wedding. I informed her I will not, I don’t want to miss her getting married.”

After taking her wedding day dilemma to Reddit, readers were quick to side with the soon-to-be bride, with many advising the mum to seek alternative help for her youngest: “If, after eight years of therapy and medication, she still can’t manage her condition enough to get through a single event, then she needs more/different help,” said one, while another said: “In eight years of therapy, has she not been taught any coping mechanisms? Medication is not the be-all end-all.”

Another urged the mother to make the wedding day about her eldest daughter: “Do not take your youngest one. Your oldest might not forgive you and resent you for this.”

“Hold on…so…she KNOWS that large groups of people trigger her panic attacks yet she still attends?” questioned another. “And she’s upset that she can’t go to a wedding that will have a large group of people?”

Another agreed, commenting: “Why does she even want to go? When I’ve had panic attacks, I feel like I’m going to die. I wouldn’t knowingly subject myself to situations that cause that feeling. Your youngest daughter is being selfish.”

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