‘My daughter wants a sleepover – but her friend’s parents want to inspect my house’

By Staff

A dad was left wondering what he’d done wrong after parents of his daughter’s friend demanded to do a ‘full inspection’ of his home, before they allowed their child to have a sleepover

A single dad is feeling seriously uncomfortable after trying to arrange a sleepover for his little girl.

The man’s daughter asked to have her friend stay over for the night, to which he happily agreed. But the pal’s parents then insisted on coming over to do a “full inspection”, which made him feel like a “weirdo”.

The father, whose daughter is eight, claimed that the mother of the other girl was quite abrasive with him when he offered them a “cuppa”, saying instead that she wanted to know “the environment was safe”. The surprised dad took to Reddit to ask whether this was “normal behaviour” before a sleepover.

He wrote anonymously: “I’m a single dad of an 8-year-old girl. She asked if she could have one of her friends over for a sleepover at the weekend and I said it was fine. I vaguely know the mum from the school runs, so went up to say hi and say they had been asking for a sleepover.

“She seemed pretty hesitant at first, but after a lot of pleading from her daughter, she said she would allow it if she and her husband could come to my place for half an hour to inspect my house.

“I said if they wanted to come over for a cuppa, they were more than welcome to, then she said she didn’t want a cuppa, she wanted to know that the environment was safe and that all her child’s needs would be met (with a no offence added at the end).”

The baffled dad admitted that he had “no idea what this means”, saying that he’s a “pretty normal guy”, who “gets on well with all the parents”, even sharing that he’s “treated their child after an accident” because he’s a paramedic. “Is this normal behaviour?”, he asked. “It’s a lot of faff for a sleepover and now I feel like they think I’m some kinda weirdo.”

In the comments, some suggested that it wasn’t normal to want to inspect the home. One wrote: “It’s normal to want to meet the parents if you’re not familiar but yeah inspecting the house is weird and invasive.”

Another replied: “Yeah, plus they’ve been given the option with the cup of tea. If you really want to inspect someone’s house is safe enough for your kid, at least be polite enough to do it under the guise of a cuppa.”

Someone else suggested that the man didn’t “know what people have been through”, and to keep that in mind.Another said that the parents of the other child seemed “inappropriate” and “weirdly passive-aggressive”.

What do you think? Were the parents being unreasonable? Let us know in the comments.

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