‘My entitled triplets demand separate sweet 16 birthday parties – they refuse to share’

By Staff

Single mum reveals ‘heartbreak’ after triplet daughters demand their own ‘sweet 16’ birthday parties – telling her to get another job if she can’t afford it

A single mum-of-three triplet girls approaching their 16th birthday has told how their combined ‘entitled’ behaviour has left her ‘heartbroken’. After admitting she usually gives each daughter £120 ($150) on their birthdays each year to take their friends out for dinner, she revealed that for their 16th birthday, they had told her how they wanted a big party with ‘a DJ and lots of people’.

However, after working out the costs, the mum told how it would be around £1,000 ($1,400) for her to host a party, which she could just about afford to do as a joint celebration for her girls. But after explaining the party situation to her triplets, she admitted to being left ‘heartbroken’ when they demanded three individual parties instead, at a cost of around £3,000 ($4,000).

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She said: “I told them I I could throw three smaller parties, but that it would be a huge hassle deciding who gets to have the party on their actual birthday as I can’t plan three parties in one day and they have a lot of common family and friends.”

After revealing one of her daughter’s felt ‘mad’ she couldn’t have her own Sweet 16, she said: “My daughters aren’t okay with it. I’ve tried explaining to them I can’t afford it, but they just told me to go and get an extra job,” she admitted, before asking Reddit readers if they thought she should do that to accommodate her girls.

However readers were furious on her behalf, with one saying: “If they want to spend more money than you have, they should work for it. This is insane. i’m actually p****d off by reading that.” Many readers were left shocked at the cost, with one saying: “18 years worth of my birthday parties and still not even close to £1,000.”

Another commented: “Only the rich kids got pizza parties for their birthday when I was growing up,” while another said: “It’s a party, not a feeding dinner.” “It was even a rare occasion that I got my own birthday cake – mine was shared with my grandmother and my cousin as we have the same birthday,” reminisced one, while another said: “Those kids might be 16 but they are not sweet.”

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