‘My entitled wife demands I skip my mum’s funeral to attend her family dinner- she says I’m a mummy’s boy’

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A man has admitted to being left ‘blindsided’ after his wife is furious he’s choosing to attend his mum’s funeral instead of ‘important’ dinner with her family

A grieving man has revealed how his wife’s ‘extreme’ reaction to him wanting to attend his mum’s funeral has left him ‘confused and heartbroken.’ After telling how his mum has passed away suddenly, the 35-year-old, who described his mother as: “My rock, my confidante, my best friend,” admitted that her sudden passing had left him devastated.

He also told how his wife’s reaction to him wanting to attend her funeral had left him feeling truly ‘blindsided.’ He said: “My wife immediately insisted that I skip the funeral and attend the big family dinner instead,” before revealing that her reasoning was: “She said her family has always been there for me and it’s crucial we show our support by attending their events.”

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He also admitted that his wife and her sister had called him a ‘mummy’s boy’ over the fact he wanted to attend the funeral: “They have been saying things like ‘your mum would want you to support us’ and ‘you need to grow up and put us first.’”

He then told how he was even more heartbroken as his mum had adored his wife: “My mum always considered her like her own daughter, and even put her in her will.” The story caused a Reddit riot, with readers questioning his wife’s ‘selfish’ behaviour: “My gosh…. I traveled almost a thousand miles to get to my mother-in-law’s funeral,” said one. “Your wife should not only leave you alone about attending, but should also drop everything to be there to mourn your mum.”

Another advised him to: “Go to the funeral, turn off your phone, and surround yourself with people who actually love and support you.” One was furious on his behalf saying: “The wife is saying they should attend the dinner because her family has always supported him. Why the hell aren’t they supporting him now?” While another commented: “A spouse not automatically supporting you and going to the funeral is divorce territory.”

“There isn’t a sane person in any culture who doesn’t respect the death of a parent enough to support their partner,” said one. “Goodness, your wife…. does she even like you?”

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