‘My fiancée left me instantly over my wedding vows – I just wanted to have a laugh’

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A heartbroken man can’t understand how the ‘love of his life’ walked out on him after spotting his wedding vows on his laptop a few weeks before the wedding – and hasn’t spoken to him for six months

A man who wanted to entertain his wedding guests ended up losing his fiancée and others think she was right to leave him.

Weddings are a very personal affair and every couple will have their own ideas on what they want for their big day, whether it be a traditional church ceremony, a modern event or something wacky and out there. Obviously both parties need to agree on exactly what style of day they want, right down from the dress code to the food and celebrations afterwards. Speeches are traditionally the area where things can take an emotional and often humorous direction, once the drink is flowing and the serious business is done and dusted.

One groom decided he wanted his wedding vows to contain some funny jokes because he believes “weddings are a bit boring” and so he “wanted to entertain the guests”. Unfortunately, it seems his fiancée didn’t share his sense of humour.

He shared his tale of heartbreak on Reddit where he explained that he had been with his partner for three years and engaged for one. “She is the love of my life,” he wrote. “Caring, easy to please and very calm. I thought we would be together forever. I proposed after two years and the wedding had already being paid. Everything was ready, I let her decide all the things because she had all this dreams about it.”

However, just a couple of weeks before they were about to become man and wife, disaster struck when his fiancée discovered his vows on his laptop, went “crazy” and immediately walked out on him. “[She] told me this was the last drop. That I never took anything serious, that she couldn’t imagine living her life with someone who doesn’t show any respect towards her,” he revealed.

Baffled by her response he expanded on the dynamics of their relationship and shared: “I thought she appreciated my humour. Sure, she got mad sometimes, but I didn’t really think it was this big of a problem, just a difference of sense of humour.”

He said he told her he didn’t mean any disrespect with his vows and just wanted to make “some funny jokes” but she not only left, she blocked him everywhere he could contact her and cancelled the entire wedding. Even her parents, who were paying for most of their nuptials, told him to leave them alone.

“It’s been six months and I don’t know how to move on. I love her so much, how can she do that to me?” he asked other users of the site. Their responses probably weren’t what he was expecting, or wanting with the majority believing he deserved to be dumped before getting to the altar.

“And what were his usual ‘jokes’ about? The ones she got angry about ‘sometimes’?” quizzed one. Another questioned the deeper meaning in his post: “The vows were the icing on the cake,” they said. “Does ‘I let her decide all the things because she had dreams about it,’ actually mean – I didn’t help make decisions and offloaded the emotional labor onto her?” A third said: “He also described her as, ‘easy to please.’ I’m guessing that he thinks he doesn’t need to do much to maintain a relationship or marriage.”

Others were desperate to know what his vows were and begged him to post them, with one writing: “I think the fact that he didn’t tell us is a clue as to why she left.” Another commented: “Something stupid since he wanted to amuse their guests instead of write vows to his soon to be wife who is now his ex fiancée.”

The original poster replied and claimed he didn’t have them anymore because he broke his laptop in anger over the situation. He tried to recall what some of them were, revealing: “I remember having written some light jokes about not looking at other women even if they’re sexy and things like this. Nothing that would cause this feelings extreme reaction”.

Readers questioned his humour though, with one saying: “My friends got married and spliced a good amount of humour into their vows but they were still very heartfelt and beautiful. I’m thinking this is not what op did… I’m guessing it was a bunch of immature insults disguised as ‘humour’.”

Another thought his fiancée simply had her fill of his ‘jokes’: “He probably frequently overstepped her boundaries and she either didn’t communicate this or gave up communicating this and these vows were the last straw of him constantly treating everything as a ‘joke’,” they said. “Yeah, jokes aren’t funny if no one’s laughing,” agreed someone else. “Me thinks this guy isn’t as funny as he thinks he is.”

Do you think the bride to be was right to leave? Let us know in the comments below.

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