‘My fiancée wants to become a tradwife after our wedding – I might call it off’

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A man has been left stunned after his fiancée revealed she’s hoping to become a tradwife once they are married all thanks to seeing videos about it on TikTok – he’s contemplating their whole relationship

The rise in the tradwives have gained popularity over recent years – and one man is horrified his fiancée aspires to be one.

The tradwife movement has been hugely popularised online, and with over 479.8M+ tag views on TikTok alone it appears to be surging in popularity.

One woman hopes to become one herself – much to the astonishment of her husband who revealed he’s now tempted to call off the whole wedding as he’s been “completely thrown off guard” by it all.

“Kate brought up post-wedding life, and mentioned the idea of becoming a ‘tradwife’ after marriage. I had never heard of this before, and asked her what that was,” he explained in an anonymous Reddit post.

He admitted he didn’t see the difference between a tradwife and a housewife and was “thrown off guard” by the revelation. The man continued: “Kate has never shown any desire of just staying at home before. The only time it was discussed was in relation to kids, which she said she was happy being a stay-at-home mum for when our kids were young because on her salary we’d probably be paying more for child care anyway.

“More to the point, the idea of her just staying home all day cleaning and cooking is a bit strange to me when we live in such a small place. Between the two of us we can clean the whole flat in half a day, it takes me about half an hour to vacuum and mop all the floors for example. When I self-processed that I thought she was joking, but she was dead serious.”

The woman has apparently seen videos on TikTok of tradwives who talk about “how great the lifestyle is” and how happy their marriages are, the husband explained, adding: “These tradwifes claim their husbands are always happy and home life is the best. So, Kate wants that for us too. I told her that it wouldn’t make me happy.”

He told her it wouldn’t make sense as the couple lived in a small flat that “requires little upkeep” and that they had no children for her to stay at home with. He also told her they couldn’t afford to live on just her salary. He detailed: “I understand her income isn’t great, but it isn’t pitiful and it does help maintain our current lifestyle which isn’t that glamorous to begin with. She gave a non-committal shrug and I thought that was the end of it.”

Now he wonders if he should take drastic measures and call off the wedding to his partner of four years as she’s “adamant”. He claimed he has no issues with housewives as “a housewife seems to be doing something outside the home: doing volunteer work, being a part of a club or society etc to fill the time. These tradwives seem to do nothing but dress like Lucille Ball and cook bread from scratch. It’s bizarre, and not something I am looking for in a long-term partner.”

The disgruntled husband then shared that his fiancee has become “obsessed” and has started to learn new recipes for her married life as a tradwife – as well as buying ‘tradwife clothing’. “I don’t know how much more I can tell Kate how much I am against this and it’s falling on deaf ears. As a result, I am seriously reconsidering our relationship. Kate has always worked, and while I don’t expect her to be a b*ll-busting career woman, I don’t want this as an alternative. I want an equal partner and this tradwife thing doesn’t seem equal, it seems creepy and finished in the 1950s for a reason.”

He asked if he should call off the wedding, and people flocked to the comments to weigh in their thoughts. One Redditor penned: “I would immediately pause all wedding activities, and have a very serious conversation about your relationship. I’d also have a frank conversation about getting marriage advice…from TikTok.”

While another said: “Sit her down and tell her that you have no interest in being with a tradwife and that if that’s the way she wants to go, then it’s over. But be prepared for her to pretend to go along with it until after the wedding the switch.”

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