‘My mum dresses up all sexy before inviting my husband over – I’m suspicious’

By Staff

Woman reveals her mum is ‘furtively flirting’ with her husband after catching her wearing a sexy dress when she asked him to help her with jobs around the house

A woman has told how she’s been questioning her mother’s motives after catching her dressing up ‘sexily’ when she believed her daughter’s husband was visiting her home alone. After admitting she had been watching a lot of TikTok videos on married men sleeping with their mother-in-laws which might be making her paranoid, she revealed she believed that her mum had started ‘furtively flirting’ with her husband behind her back.

She said: “It started around a month ago when my mum called him directly instead of me to help her build some furniture. Of course, I didn’t mind and was happy that he went to help her, but it didn’t stop there.” After admitting her mum kept calling him for ‘random things’ she said: “She always asks him to come round as fast as possible. He is a very generous and helpful man, so he never declines and always goes over there ASAP.”

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However, she told how her mum’s actions were beginning to annoy her, leaving her questioning her motives: “Last week I was getting annoyed, so when my husband showed me her latest text, I went in his place without telling her.”

After ringing the doorbell, she said she was left ‘blindsided when her mum opened the door: “She was wearing the sexiest dress I’ve ever seen. I didn’t even know she owned clothes like that. She usually dresses quite modest and classy,” she said, before telling how her mum had been furious she had come in her husband’s place: “She got mad because I told her he couldn’t come today and he might not come back any time soon.”

After admitting she hadn’t spoken to her mum since, she said: “I know she keeps messaging him. And even worse, he doesn’t always show me the messages. Is he hiding something? I’m getting more and more worried. Should I confront him or her first?”

Most readers were suspicious of the mother’s motives, with one Reddit reader saying: “I’d have a conversation with your husband about what you’ve noticed, and judge by his reaction whether your mum has putting in the groundwork to seduce him. The sexy dress is quite suspicious.”

Another agreed, saying: “Did you ask her why was she waiting for your husband wearing what she was wearing? How was the relationship between your husband and mum before these incidents?” questioned one. “I think she wants him.”

“You’re about to enter the twilight zone,” said one. “So you either put an end to this, or get a divorce and cut them both out of your life. If you can’t trust your own mother, you have bigger problems.”

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