‘My neighbour sent me a threatening note about walking barefoot – I’m gobsmacked’

By Staff

There’s no pleasing some people, including one woman’s neighbours who have threatened to call the police in a fury-filled note, all because she likes to walk around her home in bare feet

Dealing with difficult neighbours is no easy feat (or maybe we should say feet).

One woman was left gobsmacked after receiving a fury-filled note from a disgruntled neighbour for causing a ‘disturbance’ in her block of flats. But it isn’t because she’s been blaring music into the early hours of the morning, or yelling at her partner is the middle night… it’s all because she’s not wearing any shoes.

A picture of the demanding note went viral, as the woman couldn’t believe she’d been threatened with a visit from the police for walking around her apartment barefoot…

The note, which was uploaded to Reddit last year, also referenced Ruhezeit, or “quiet hours”, which is observed in Germany and is the time when people are legally obligated to keep noise levels down. Ruhezeit rules apply on weeknights after 10pm, and are also observed all day on Sundays.

The note read: “STOP WALKING BAREFOOT. If you keep doing that, and especially during the Ruhezeit/Night silence (22:00 – 06:00) I will report you to the POLICE for disturbance.” And alongside the picture of the note, the woman wrote: “*gasp* imagine having the audacity to walk barefoot in your own apartment.”

Commenters on the post were equally baffled by the letter the woman received, as many of them couldn’t understand why walking around barefoot would make too much noise – especially when compared to walking with shoes on. One person said: “I mean how can anybody possibly make more noise barefoot than with shoes?”

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Others jokingly suggested she take their advice on board and only ever walk around with “big chunky boots” on instead, as one person wrote: “Oh well, guess you’re going to have to buy some big chunky goth boots with lots of metal chains on them, and walk around in them instead.”

There were also people who shared their own experiences with neighbours complaining about noise. Someone posted: “Yeah I’ve been there. I swear I was not doing anything noisy. I was using the toilet and opening cabinets, nothing out of the ordinary. Also, I never heard any noises from above me. However, the neighbours below me were so convinced that my noise levels at night were unbearable.

“They actually kept calling my elderly landlord in the middle of the night to complain about me. I eventually broke the lease, because I could not take it, and my landlord told me he is selling the place because, with his declining health, he could not take this kind of terror any more.”

A version of this story was first published on 23 March, 2023.

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