‘My neighbour smashed into my car then drove off – her excuse was pathetic’

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A woman is ‘massively fuming’ after her neighbour of three years crashed into her husband’s car and drove off – the crash reportedly caused ‘a lot of damage’ but the couple cannot afford to pay for the repairs

A woman has been left furious after her neighbour crashed into her husband’s car and came up with a bizarre excuse.

As supermarket and energy prices remain sky-high, the last thing you need on top of all that is to pay for car damages. Insurance and MOTs are costly as it is but damages that weren’t your fault can cause extra stress.

One woman has weighed in on her car dilemma after her neighbour crashed into her husband’s car and drove off. She is “massively fuming” with the neighbour, whom they have lived next to for years, after she claimed she ‘did not realise’ whose car it was. The crash reportedly “caused a lot of damage” and the annoyed wife said it’s a “massive faff we don’t need right now”.

Taking to Mumsnet, the fuming wife spoke anonymously about her and her husband’s relationship with this particular neighbour. She said: “We’ve lived here for a few years now and generally it’s been fine but had a few minor issues with one neighbour (not parking related). But all fine, nothing to fall out over and I always say hi.”

Speaking about the crash, she added: “This morning my husband was just about to go to work when he witnessed said neighbour drive into his car then drive off. He rang her and she admitted it, then said she didn’t know it was his car.

“She obviously knows it’s his car as we’ve lived there for three years and there’s only five cars that park there. If she didn’t know whose car it was (as she alleged) was she not going to leave a note?” The forum user said she is “so glad” her husband witnessed who crashed into his car as the pair “really don’t have the money right now” to fork out on repairs.

Asking Mumsnet users for their help, she added: “Am I being unreasonable to be massively f***ed off with her? My husband is a lot more chilled than me and is just glad she’ll pay for it but I’m fuming.” Almost everyone agreed with the furious woman.

One individual wrote: “You are of course not being unreasonable. The neighbour needs to pay. And needs to log the accident online with the police as well – if they don’t do it, you can.”

Another said: “I would be raging! That’s absolutely disgusting behaviour on her part, I’d honestly not be able to look at her again. Nothing to do with hitting the car but driving off without leaving contact details and the BS about not knowing whose car it was, that’s terrible!”

One other added: “You have to report this to your insurance. Not only could she hit a person next time, but as she left the scene.” Another advised: “Just go straight to insurance and let them sort it.”

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