‘My neighbour stole my groceries worth £275 – I went round but nobody answered’

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A woman was left fuming when her neighbours took her grocery order in, worth a whopping £275 – but when she went round to collect or confront, they didn’t answer the door

It’s all too easy to get groceries delivered to your door, but if you’re not diligent it could also lead to cheeky neighbours taking full advantage of your situation.

Most people, upon receiving a parcel that doesn’t belong to them, will be transparent and take it round at their earliest convenience. But one woman was left mortified when her neighbour happily took her “$350 (£275) worth of groceries” – and when she went round to confront them about it, “no one answered”.

Feeling bewildered and unsure about what to do, the woman took to Reddit’s ‘Neighbours From Hell’ forum to ask others how they’d proceed in this situation.

She penned: “My neighbour stole about $350 (£275) of groceries when it was delivered to their house. It was also my mistake for not noticing the delivery time, since the window was an hour out, but when I got to their house all of my food was gone. I rang their doorbell and no one answered. Suggestions on the course of action to take tomorrow?”

In the comments, someone urged that the woman “contact the delivery service”, but the original poster said that she was worried that they’d “accidentally deliver to the wrong address again”.

Someone said: “They should refund you no matter what, and crack down for more delivery instructions and accuracy. That is horrible. I have no idea what you could say to the neighbours.” Another pointed out that now, the groceries could be “contaminated”.

Another fumed: “What kind of logic is that? They delivered your stuff to the wrong house, you are entitled to a refund. Who cares if they could do it again, are you just going to throw away $300? Demand your refund and do a chargeback on your credit card if they won’t approve it, and make a note / delivery instructions on your order clarifying which house it should deliver to to eliminate confusion moving forward.”

One Redditor did back the neighbours, however, sharing: “If a bunch of free groceries show up on my door I’m not just going to let them sit out there all day in the sun and go to waste, if no one comes by within a few hours they’re getting taken inside.”

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