‘My parents are burning through my inheritance with lavish holidays – I resent them for it’

By Staff

A woman was left fuming that her parents were daring to ‘drain’ her inheritance by enjoying themselves on lavish holidays, wondering whether the pair even wanted grandkids

Assuming you’re going to be left money from your parents isn’t always the right thing to do, and one woman was left fuming that her parents were enjoying their retirements, rather than saving the cash for her future.

She was annoyed that their lavish holidays were “draining” her inheritance, rather than being happy for the pair of them, who had worked their whole lives. Instead, she complained that she’d need a “handout” from them at some point as she’s a Millennial, and the cost of living crisis has impacted her massively. She said that she was fed up with seeing her parents “splurging”.

She said in an anonymous post on MailOnline that when they were younger, as a family, they used to go to Devon or Cornwall once a year, so when her parents showed wanderlust for other countries, she was initially happy for them.

“Let them, in their late 60s, have a couple of lovely holidays before settling into a cosy retirement at home”, she penned, not knowing what would actually happen.

But it wasn’t just one or two holidays – five years later, and they’re still living it large abroad. She said that her parents used to be content with staying at home watching TV, but now they’re committed to exploring far-flung places, including Thailand, Ibiza, and Japan. “My inheritance is being drunk through a straw in a coconut in the Caribbean”, she fumed.

Perhaps selfishly, she asked: “How can I ever settle down and give them grandchildren if there isn’t any money in the pipeline to support them?” She was also wondering whether her parents wanted to be off galivanting more than they wanted grandkids.

According to Kidspot, many people weren’t pleased with the woman and how “entitled” she’d been, with one penning: “Good for them! I hope they enjoy every fruity cocktail and tropical sunset!”

Someone else said: “I’ve told my mother over and over… my parents worked, saved, and earned the right to spend their own money and it does not belong to me. I told her when she leaves the earth to have as close to zero dollars and enjoy life.”

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