‘My psycho neighbour’s accused me of killing her cat – but it’s a complete lie’

By Staff

How far would you go to find a missing pet? A cat’s disappearance has sparked a bizarre ‘murder mystery’ case on a small street – and it’s left one neighbour’s completely outraged

A cat’s mysterious disappearance has triggered a wave of accusations on a close-knit road – now, one neighbour’s had enough.

Whether you’re a dog or cat lover, many of us are protective about our pets. But one elderly woman has now taken this to completely new heights after one of her pets went missing.

The tricky situation unravelled earlier this week as one neighbour took to the internet to rant about the situation. They claimed this paranoid elderly woman had been harassing them for ’10 years’ and she recently drew the last straw.

“She has two male cats. She doesn’t allow them in her house,” the concerned neighbour said, posting anonymously to Reddit in a now deleted post. “I have a very old female cat and a cat flap. Her cats often visit and I let them eat and sleep in the utility room if they’re cold or hungry. My female cat sometimes makes a fuss but mostly she doesn’t mind. I feel sorry for them.”

A few days ago, the woman showed up at the backdoor, asking a single question that would soon take their relationship to a whole new low. “[She] asked if I have her cat,” the anonymous neighbour explained.

“I said I haven’t seen him for a while. She didn’t know that her cats eat and sleep here sometimes. She said that ‘she knows he’s dead’ and gave me a weird look before trolling off.”

Although this seemed strange, the neighbour seemingly brushed it off and continued to go about their everyday life. But the suspicious woman wasn’t quite finished with her questioning yet. “Anyway, yesterday while I was walking my dog on the very quiet lane, she stopped her car right next to me,” the neighbour continued.

“‘Have you killed my cat?’. I didn’t know what to say. I politely said no and asked her if she’s put any fliers up or something on [Facebook]. She said no, because I know that her cat’s dead because I killed it.”

Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time her neighbour’s been very suspicious. In the past, she’d allegedly called the police, complained to the landlord and even stood ‘like a statue behind the hedge’ eavesdropping on conversations.

They added: “I believe she has also slashed my tyres and scratched my car but I am not able to report this due to no evidence… I am sick of it now… Aaargh!” Unsurprisingly, the anonymous confession has since racked up countless comments on the platform, with various users chiming in with their own advice.

One person said: “Do you have surveillance cameras? I’d be watching that crazy lady, or rather my property,” while someone else added: “I would not let my cat out of the house without supervision. I would be concerned for its safety.”

Another also suggested: “I mean you could also just set up mock cameras to deter your neighbour as a first step.”

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