‘My roommate slammed me for my naked habit – now things are awkward’

By Staff

A pair of 20-year-old male housemates can’t look each other in the eye anymore, after an awkward encounter lead to heated debate over a naked household habit

Two male housemates have found themselves in a bit of a pickle after seeing a little too much of one another…

Living with a friend can come with some interesting challenges. Namely, these are arguments over whose turn it is to take the bin out and who put the empty carton of milk back in the fridge. However, it isn’t mundane chores that have made two twenty-year-old friends awkward – it’s nudity.

The sticky situation occurred after one housemate left to see his family and didn’t plan on returning for a whole week. However, due to a last-minute change of plans, he rocked up at the house three days after departing and witnessed something he wished he hadn’t.

“Today, I walked out of the shower to the kitchen naked to check on the cake I was baking,” the man posted on Reddit. “My roommate suddenly barged in while I was in the kitchen with my pp out Things have got very awkward between us since then.”

The pair got into an argument over whether it’s ever acceptable to waltz around the communal areas without any clothing on. “He is saying I shouldn’t roam around the house naked. I am saying that he should have told me that he was coming earlier. Who’s at fault here?” he added.

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Hundreds of users rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts – with many backing the stay-at-home nudist. “He came back four days early with no warning? He’s lucky that’s all he saw!” one person wrote.

Another agreed, commenting: “You live there too, you thought you were alone, and you have a right to feel comfortable in your own home. Would it be too much for your roommate to text and say ‘I’m coming back for something’ next time?!”

However, not everyone was a fan of the man’s habit – even if he’s home alone. “I don’t want my naked roommate using the kitchen and other common areas,” one person argued. “The only places you should be naked are your bedroom and bathroom.”

Another added: “While I think walking around naked is completely 100 per cent fine, I would be a bit icked to think of my roommate sitting on any chairs/sofas naked with their bare junk on it. I imagine that’s what he’s picturing right now.”

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