‘My son is seven but I still shower with him – it’s getting a bit weird but we’re not fussed’

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You’ll want to ensure you’re sending your children off to school fresh and clean – but would you take a group shower with your little ones to save time in the evening?

Ensuring your children are freshly showered or bathed is really important, but at what age would you allow them to get clean independently?

TV presenter Dylan Dreyer has admitted she still showers with her children after A Star Is Born actor Bradley Cooper made a confession about his parenting. The US star shared that he and his father used to shower together when he was a child, and this has prompted others to share their routines to normalise them.

Dylan, who is married to NBC News producer and cameraman Brian Fichera, said she tried to get all three of their kids in the shower with her each night to save time when it comes to putting seven-year-old Calvin, four-year-old Oliver, and two-year-old Russell to bed.

Dylan, 42, who is an American meteorologist working for NBC News, shared her bedtime habits with MailOnline, admitting group showers have gotten “a little weird” as her eldest is seven now, and so he opts for a solo bath to wash himself. “It’s funny because I’m also a very efficient mum so when I have to shower at night, if I can get all three in the shower with me so I can get everybody bathed at once, we’re good to go”, she shared.

Dylan also said that she ensures her seven-year-old’s towel is put on “quickly”, saying that the others “don’t care” because they’re too young to understand, saying they’re “proud of their bodies and their parts”. Speaking about raising her sons, she said: “I’m all for equality but I think the quality is what we need to strive for, so I don’t want to bring boys down and I want to raise them to be confident and strong and to fight for what they want and know that that’s okay.”

She said that when she chooses books for them, she ensures they’re “honest for girls and boys”, saying she wants them to know they can “do whatever they want” as they grow up, as long as they’re “kind along the way”.

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