‘My wife is having an affair with her professor – she denied it but the clues were obvious’

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A husband has revealed how he caught his wife having an affair with her college professor and although denying it at first, she now claims that it only happened because she was ‘brainwashed’

A man has revealed how he caught his wife having an affair with her married college professor – and his disbelief when she told him the reason it had happened was because she’s been ‘brainwashed’.

The couple have been married for almost 10 years and are both in their 30s. A few years ago, she decided to go back to college to get her Masters degree – and her husband was very supportive. Life was good, their marriage was ‘great’ and they were both ‘very happy’.

But after a few months, he started to notice changes in his spouse. She’d stay out later to ‘study’, meet up with people from classes and occasionally ‘forget’ something at the office, which she would need to go back and collect. While her husband felt something was ‘off’ he had no proof – and ultimately decided he was just being paranoid.

Then, one Saturday morning, he realised his wife had forgotten to log out of her email account on their shared computer, and he saw ‘tons of emails’ from one person. He googled the name and discovered it was his wife’s college professor, who appeared to be happily married with three teenage children. The husband admitted he was relieved; the emails seemed innocent and it was hardly surprising she was in regular contact with her professor.

Taking to Reddit, he continued: “Some time goes by and life gets easier. She was really hitting her stride with school and she wasn’t as stressed or busy anymore. We had more time together and we started building a house. Life was essentially on cruise control. Until the nightmare began.

“It was a Thursday and I decided to come home early and surprise her because I wanted us to go out for dinner at this new place that just opened. As I was driving down our street, I noticed a car pulling out of my driveway. We passed each other and I immediately recognised the guy. It was her old college professor. So I immediately go inside the house and found my wife standing in the kitchen wearing just a towel. She was so stunned that she didn’t even know what to say. Like she was fumbling her words asking me why I was home.

“I immediately asked why her professor had just left our house and why was she in a towel? She told me I was overreacting and nothing had happened. So I went straight up to our bedroom and she tries to stop me. When I got to our room, it was obvious what had happened. I told her I was going to contact his wife if she didn’t tell me everything.

“Finally, she broke down and admitted it all. They had been having an affair on/off for three years. She said it started the semester after she left his class. But she claims that she was ‘brainwashed’ by him and that she didn’t really want to do it. She said he was in a position of power (even though he wasn’t her professor anymore) and claims she was manipulated into a sexual relationship over a three year period.”

The heartbroken husband concluded by saying he moved his stuff out immediately and has contacted a divorce attorney. Since then, his wife has been texting, calling and emailing begging for forgiveness and a second chance – and so has her family.

He has now blocked them all on everything and is leaning on his support system, with an appointment booked with a therapist. “I know it will take time to heal and I know I deserve better,” he concluded. “Sorry for the long post. I really needed to get this off my chest.”

The Reddit community were quick to reach out – and many urged the man to contact the professor’s wife. “Tell the AP wife for sure. I would tell your wife if she wants any chance of reconciliation she needs to make the call and tell her. You need to be there when she tells her to verify if she was told. You don’t have to reconcile but if she refuses you know you made the right decision. You should also tell the college,” one suggested.

A second added: “No need to falsely lead her to thinking there’s a chance at reconciliation. She doesn’t even deserve that anyway.” Someone else wrote: “Three years isn’t an affair – it’s a relationship. So incredibly disrespectful. You’re handling this like a King, OP. Stay strong. Stay no-contact with this horrible person.”

Another said: “Next time one of her family members tries to convince you to take her back. Just scream 1000+ days. She cheated on you over 1000+ days. This was no “accident.” This is tens of thousands of small decisions, that she at any time could have stood up, said NO and stopped. But… She definitely didn’t! She only regrets it now because she got caught.”

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