‘Nervous’ Princess Eugenie needs one thing to transform confidence, claims expert

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An expert has claimed that Princess Eugenie could transform her confidence with just one simple thing, that could totally eliminate any nerves the royal may have

With the Royal Family finding themselves shorthanded – with both King Charles and the Princess of Wales off duty for the time being as they undergo cancer treatment – there may come a time when other royals are needed to step up to the plate and fill in some of the gaps.

Princess Beatrice and her younger sister Princess Eugenie seem like an obvious choice, having both grown up in the public eye, and the sisters both already balance their philanthropic efforts with professional pursuits. One expert has claimed that at times Eugenie in particular can appear “nervous” at public engagements, but believes there is one simple remedy to this.

When Eugenie, 34, attended an engagement for the Elephant Family – a charity of which she is a patron – she read to young children and even provided a brief update on her uncle the King. However, one expert – body language specialist Darren Stanton – explained that in his view, she betrayed some nervousness during her time there.

“While Princess Eugenie isn’t one of the most recognised members of the Royal Family, she appeared reasonably confident during [the] engagement. There were no cracks in her voice or high-pitched changes, proving that she felt comfortable speaking,” explained the body language expert, who was speaking on behalf of Betfair Bingo.

“However, I did notice a few moments where she mumbled her words and looked to the right, which is a signal of hesitation. She didn’t seem very well prepared. At one point, her blink rate also increased, which proved that she was conscious to get things back on track. From a verbal and non-verbal point of view, there were a few signs of nervousness,” Stanton added.

Despite this, the expert believes that there is one simple ingredient that will help Eugenie transform into more confidence: a bit of time. Equally, there were other body language signs that Stanton believed indicated she wasn’t totally riddled with nerves.

“Eugenie did show great eye contact, she was smiling and seemed engaged. Like most of the royals, it’s going to take time for her to grow, strengthen, and develop her own style. She still needs time to settle into the role and get more experience, which is understandable.

“I do think she has the potential to be up there with some of the senior members of the family in terms of confidence. Overall, it wasn’t a bad performance from Eugenie, but there were a few nervous gestures in her body language that she could work on.”

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