New map shows cheapest and most expensive Wetherspoon pubs in each London borough

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As drinks are typically pricier in London, when compared with other areas of the country, people sometimes choose to have a pint at a Wetherspoon’s. But, prices vary according to which of Sir Tim Martin’s pubs you visit.

Customers pay differing amounts, depending on where they are in the city. The general rule is that the more central you are, the dearer your tipple.

Pantry and Larder has put together an interactive map has helpfully pinpointed each Wetherspoon’s, and you can check how expensive its menu items are.

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But the list of most and least expensive pub will change slightly depending on which drink you select. Therefore, MyLondon has chosen to rank them according to the price of a pint of Guinness.

This is because, in a recent YouGov poll, it was named the country’s most popular choice. Second, in case you were interested, was San Miguel.

London’s most expensive Wetherspoon’s

A bit of trivia for you. Interestingly, there are two Wetherspoon’s that have exactly the same name in the city.

There is a ‘Moon Under Water’ in Leicester Square and in Colindale. The former offers a pint of Guinness for £6.47. At Heathrow Airport they are also pricey – £6.30.

However, the North London version sells them for less than half the price – £3.09. The second most expensive are The Barrel Vault in St. Pancras station, and Hamilton Hall in Liverpool Street station. These sell a pint of Guinness for £6.11.

The city’s cheapest

The cheapest pints of Guinness can be found at The Half Moon in Mile End, The Great Spoon of Ilford, The Rochester Castle in Stoke Newington, The London and Rye in Catford and The New Cross Turnpike in Welling, The Alfred Herring in Palmers Green, The King’s Ford in Chingford, The Colley Rowe Inn in Collier Row, The Whispering Moon in Wallington, The Sir Julian Huxley in Selsdon, The Botwell Inn in Hayes

The city’s other Wetherspoon pubs sell their pints of Guinness for prices ranging in between the two highest, such as £5.74, £5, £4.48, £3.89 and £3.66.

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