Nigel Farage ‘not distracted’ despite attending Holly Valance’s £78k ticket Donald Trump London fundraiser

By Staff

Nigel Farage spent Wednesday evening (June 12) at a London fundraiser for Donald Trump’s US presidential campaign where tickets cost £78,000 but he won’t be distracted from the General Election, according to the Reform party. Mr Farage is standing as a candidate in the Essex seaside town of Clacton but he was pictured arriving at the event in Chelsea on Wednesday night, with guests including Mr Trump’s son, Donald Jr.

Tickets for the fundraiser cost up to 100,000 dollars (£78,000), the Financial Times reported, and it was hosted by Neighbours actor and singer Holly Valance. Asked whether Mr Trump’s event could interfere with Mr Farage’s own campaign efforts, a Reform party spokesperson said: “What Nigel gets up to is his call. It would be absurd to suggest he’s not concentrating on the campaign.

“We’ve got over 600 candidates running in this election – I’m utterly uninterested in what Nigel wants to do on one night. He’s doing a fantastic job on the campaign. This is tittle-tattle of little importance. I don’t think anyone can suggest he’s not putting his heart and soul into this campaign.”

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The fundraiser has already raised two million dollars (£1.57m) through donations and ticket sales, according to reports. It has been billed as a reception and dinner with Donald Trump Jr and his fiancée, Kimberly Guilfoyle, a former Fox News host.

Prominent financial backers of Mr Trump and former European ambassadors who served under him during his time as US President are expected to be in attendance, according to the Financial Times. Valance and her husband Nick Candy, a real estate developer who was also reported to be hosting the event, were pictured with Mr Trump and Mr Farage at Mar-a-Lago in 2022.

Meanwhile, a fundraiser for Democratic candidate President Joe Biden also took place in London on Wednesday night and was believed to have been hosted by American Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour.

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