Nvidia unveils superfast AI chips to be used by Amazon, Google and Microsoft

By Staff

The US tech firm has become the key player in AI chips in recent years, particularly as generative AI tools such as ChatGPT have taken off

US tech company Nvidia has revealed its latest range of super-fast artificial intelligence (AI) chips, aiming to secure its position as the top player in the growing industry.

The new Blackwell chips, announced by Nvidia chief executive Jensen Huang, are set to be released later this year and promise to be much faster and stronger than their predecessors. Tech companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, OpenAI and Meta use Nvidia’s hardware to power their AI models.

Mr Huang said that the new Blackwell chips are twice as powerful for training AI models and five times quicker at inference – how fast AI chatbots can answer questions. He said: “The inference capability of Blackwell is off the charts”. In recent years, Nvidia has become a major player in the AI chip market, especially with the rise of generative AI tools like ChatGPT.

This has seen the company’s market value soar, hitting two trillion dollars last month. It’s now the third most valuable company globally, trailing only behind Microsoft and Apple.

Nvidia also introduced new software tools to help businesses integrate AI tools into their work more easily. They also announced a new line of chips aimed at getting chatbots into cars and another range to assist in creating humanoid robots, as Nvidia seeks to expand its offerings even further.

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