Only the smartest people can spot odd items lurking in messy suitcase in under 3 minutes

By Staff

You need to be seriously smart to be able to spot all five flags in under three minutes in this messy suitcase scene. So clear your mind and focus on the task at hand

It’s time to prove how smart you really are by solving this mind-boggling brain teaser.

In front of you you’ll see a familiar sight – a messy suitcase. Well, the case itself might not look too bad, but you’ll notice a whole host of holiday essentials spread elsewhere in the image.

Spring and summer are fast-approaching, and many of us will be dreaming of packing our bags and heading off to somewhere hot and sunny – but you’ll need to bring your attention back to reality to complete this brain teaser.

Puzzles, optical illusions and brain teasers require a lot of brain power, and in return you’ll find that your focus has improved. If you do them regularly enough, you will also improve your cognitive function. So why not have a go at this holiday-themed brain teaser?

Below you’ll see three red flags and two beige flags, hidden among the clothes and holiday essentials. The average person spots the three red flags in 38 seconds, but only the smartest can spot the beige ones in under three minutes. So set the timer, and have a go.

According to the villa specialists at Ocean Florida, one in five (21%) holiday makers have arguments their partner thanks to some habits they consider a ‘red flag’. Some of the biggest no-nos include being rude to staff (73%), getting drunk for the majority of the trip (57%) and getting your bare feet out on the plane (44%).

On the flip side, some habits are considered a green flag, including arriving at the airport more than two hours early and pre-planning an itinerary. Your time is out now, so did you manage to spot all the flags?

Still stuck? Draw your attention towards the map or just above the fedora. If you still can’t find them, take a look at the cheat sheet below.

Ready for another? You have high IQ and amazing ‘vision skills’ if you can spot the chicken hiding in this Easter-themed brain teaser. Or test your ‘visual acuity’ by spotting the odd number in the sea of nines.

Another puzzle challenges you to spot five specific items within an image of three people and a dog. If you can find them within 15 seconds you’re deemed a ‘genius’.

Did you manage to find all five of the flags? Let us know in the comment section below.

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