Only those with eagle eyes can spot pink love heart in gorgeous photo of London

By Staff

It’s time to focus your mind and pay attention to the details within this stunning image – there is a hidden heart in a busy London scene and you have less than two minutes to find where it is

If your brain is feeling a bit foggy you might want to take part in our brain teaser of the day to spark your mind.

Regularly taking part in quizzes or trying to solve optical illusions and brainteasers has been proven in studies to help brain function. Every day The Mirror shares mind-boggling puzzles to get your mind ticking. Today’s challenge can only be solved by those who have sharp eyes and can pay attention to detail.

Brain teasers and optical illusions try to provide some insights into how our brains work – patterns can sometimes trick our minds into visually perceiving something that isn’t there. You may already have a pretty good idea of how your mind works under pressure, but a brain teaser could offer confirmation.

Solving this challenge will reveal if you have lightning-fast processing or laser-like vision. Are you ready to solve the conundrum?

Wizz Air have created a puzzle, in which they challenge you to find the pink love heart. It’s hidden in a photograph of London, which is one of the destinations the airline flies to.

While the task sounds easy, it may be harder than you think; the heart is small and hard to spot at first glance – as there are lots of attractions in London distracting the eye. Your job is to find the heart as quickly as you can. It took the Wizz Air team on average a minute and a half to locate it.

Wizz Air said the challenge will “make you sweat”. Can you spot the love heart in the hot tourist spot? If you’re still struggling to locate the heart, or want to find out if you are right, read on to find out the answer.


You may need to squint to be able to see the hidden heart as it is sneakily hidden in the double-decker bus. If you take a closer look at the top deck of the vehicle and divert your eyes towards the front window you should be able to see the heart. Found it now?

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For another challenge, see whether you have a ‘highly intelligent mind’ by working out the next number in the baffling maths sequence.

Did you manage to solve the puzzle? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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