Parents terrified over photo of baby wearing false nails so long they could ‘poke an eye out’

By Staff

Parents have shared their disgust after a photo of a baby wearing false nails resurfaced online – with many likening the set to ‘deadly weapons’ and ‘mini talons’

A photo of a baby wearing false nails has sparked outrage as parents share their concerns for children’s safety. While the image is thought to be photoshopped, people are worried it could inspire ‘copy-cat mums’ to try it out on their own children.

The image, which has been shared across X (formerly Twitter ), Facebook and now Reddit, is captioned: “I can do your babies nails. PM for info. Cheap rates.” It shows a baby’s hand with a spiky set of nails at the end of her fingertips, which could “poke an eye out”.

One disgusted Reddit user said: “You forget to cut your kid’s nails once and you don’t forget again! This sort of nonsense is going to end in f***ing bloodshed.” Another added: “Please don’t do this.. they already scratch themselves and others with their mini talons and few live to tell the tale.”

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A third user said: “That’s trashy, but it looks like photoshop. I hope no one’s out there here doing that, that’s so dangerous.” One more user added: “That’s a deadly weapon, without the fake nails. Now it’s a weapon of mass destruction.” Another added: “That kid is going to bleed so much. And the ones to the left look so awful.”

It comes after Kylen Suttner, 21, admitted to ‘fake tanning’ her baby boy to maintain his golden glow. In a TikTok video, she shared how she also likes to dress her newborn ‘like a teenager’.

In one of her videos, she wrote: “When everyone is telling me to stop self-tanning my baby but the loving tan employees have families to feed.” Disgusted by her admission, users branded her as “crazy” for putting him through the ordeal.

But Kylen later admitted it was all a joke, adding: “He had jaundice and looked really tan when he was born. Everyone commented on his colour, so I decided to make a joke about it. I would never actually use self tanner on my baby.

“I feel like most people understood it was a joke. But the few who didn’t were appalled that I would self tan my baby.”

In her videos, Kylen is seen holding up her baby boy singing and dancing along to a TikTok sound, while in the other she simply holds her child up to the camera while mouthing along to a song playing in the background.

Not understanding the joke, one user commented: “This kid is going to grow up with so many issues.” Another user added: “Skin cancer at aged 12 and ageing at 20.”

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