Patient records at Kate Middleton hospital were ‘easily available’ to doctors

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The London Clinic confirmed they were investigating after it was reported staff attempted to view Kate’s medical records. An inspection in 2021 found notes are ‘easily accessible’ to doctors and nurses

Patient records at the hospital where Kate, Princess of Wales was treated are ‘easily accessible’ to doctors and nurses, it has emerged.

The Mirror revealed the London Clinic in Marylebone launched an investigation after it was reported workers attempted to look at the Princess of Wales’s medical notes following her abdominal surgery in January. Kate went into the hospital for the operation on January 16, and stayed there for several days before continuing her recovery at home. Doctors there also treated King Charles III for an enlarged prostate earlier this year, prior to his cancer diagnosis.

Bosses at the London Clinic have said “all appropriate investigatory, regulatory and disciplinary steps” will be taken to investigate the reports. Now, details have resurfaced of a follow-up inspection by the Care Quality Commision in September 2021, which took place a few weeks after the hospital was given a ‘Warning Notice’ following concerns about governance.

A surprise inspection had previously taken place in June of the same year, where a number of areas of improvement had been identified – including in the hospital’s IT arrangements, which were said to be disorganised. But the results of the September inspection said clear improvements had been made, and that clinic staff had ensured it was “easier and simpler to find information they needed”.

The report said: “Staff kept detailed records of patients’ care and treatment. Records were clear, up-to-date, stored securely and easily available to all staff providing care. Patient’s records were held in paper format and also electronically. Paper based records were stored securely in clocked cupboards at the nurses’ stations. Staff could access patient records easily. We reviewed eight patient records across inpatient surgical wards and the pre-assessment unit. Patient records were detailed and staff had signed and dated all entries.”

Inspectors gave the hospital overall grade of ‘Good’, though a ‘Requires Improvement’ rating was given for the hospital’s leadership. The previous inspection had found “confusion amongst staff” over who was responsible for governance, and the updated report found efforts to improve this were a “work in progress”.

Kensington Palace has been approached for comment. Following the allegations of a breach of Kate’s records by staff, the London Clinic said in a statement this week: “Everyone at The London Clinic is acutely aware of our individual, professional, ethical and legal duties with regards to patient confidentiality. We take enormous pride in the outstanding care and discretion we aim to deliver for all our patients that put their trust in us every day.

“We have systems in place to monitor management of patient information and, in the case of any breach, all appropriate investigatory, regulatory and disciplinary steps will be taken. There is no place at our hospital for those who intentionally breach the trust of any of our patients or colleagues.”

It comes as intense spotlight continues to surround the Princess of Wales throughout her recovery – including some bizarre conspiracy theories from social media users. On Thursday, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said people should “butt out” and allow the Princess of Wales to have privacy while she rests from her abdominal surgery.

Asked if he feels sorry for Kate, he told Channel 5’s Jeremy Vine: “Yes. I think that we should leave her alone. She’s had a difficult operation, and she deserves privacy.” He added: “We should just butt out and leave her alone… That’s not really a political response, it’s a human response, as a dad and a human being.”

The Mirror has contacted Kensington Palace for comment.

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