People can’t agree on right way to do the Guinness Challenge in heated argument

By Staff

If you are attempting the Guinness Challenge this St Patrick’s Day, will you be ‘splitting the G’ or drinking the iconic beverage until the line is under the harp and above the G?

Many people celebrating St Patrick’s Day will today be attempting the Guinness Challenge – but which version will you be following?

St Patrick’s Day is marked every year on March 17 all over the world, but especially in Northern Ireland and Ireland, where it’s a public holiday. The day itself honours Ireland’s saint, Saint Patrick, but it’s generally seen as a global celebration of Irish culture – with parades, food, drink and all things green.

It’s estimated that a whopping 13 million pints of Guinness, which is often seen as the country’s national drink, will be consumed today. And many of those who drink a pint of the iconic stout today will no doubt be asked to take part in the Guinness Challenge.

However, before you waste your pint, you may want to clear up what their version of the rules are – because it seems like people can’t agree. In a nutshell, the Guinness Challenge involves drinking the pint until you think the line of liquid has reached down to the correct spot. One you think you’ve got it, without pausing to look, you stop drinking, and then find out how you did.

But people can’t agree on where the right spot is. The crucial debate is now taking place on X, formerly Twitter. One person shared a picture of his pint, where the line stopped just after the iconic harp logo. He wrote: “Kinda crushed the Guinness Challenge. And don’t tell me about how you do your Guinness Challenge. This Guinness Challenge is better.

However, someone else wrote: “If you don’t split the G you lose,” and another agreed, adding: “Nah split the G!”

Elsewhere, someone else asked: “My Irish friends, can anyone confirm the Guinness Challenge? Need to settle an argument Split the G or Under the harp and above the G?”. The post received over 190,000 views, with one person writing: “Never heard of splitting the G, always known splitting it between the harp and G” but another said: “Never heard anything as pathetic in my life. Split the G. Grow. F*****g. Up.”

Which do you think is the correct way to do the Guinness Challenge? Let us know in the comment section below.

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