People stunned after spotting hidden detail in pack of cards and now ‘can’t unsee it’

By Staff

A Reddit user has shared an image of a playing card, pointing out a “mind-blowing” detail that many people have never noticed – and it’s safe to say it’s left many people stunned

People are shocked after spotting a hidden detail in a playing card that’s hard to notice. “I can’t unsee it now,” they say. Someone with sharp eyes showed a surprising thing on the Eight of Diamonds card on Reddit. “Can’t believe I never noticed this,” said the person who found it, sharing a picture of the card.

The discovery got loads of comments, and many were amazed by the “optical illusion”. “I can’t unsee it now,” one person commented. “That’s exactly what happened to me,” replied the original poster. “It’s all I see now.” Someone else exclaimed: “I audibly said ‘OHH! ‘”.

And another was so surprised they thought: “I mentally slapped my thigh and loudly thought ‘woah’ once I saw it.” So, what’s got everyone talking? It’s how the diamonds make an ‘eight’ shape right in the middle. Lots of people said they didn’t see the clever detail at first.

“I was happy and content until you pointed it out. Now my kids think I’m crazy for making them look! ” one person shared. Another admitted: “Took me way too long to get it.” And someone else said: “Oh wow. I was sitting here like, ‘Am I stupid? ‘ Then it hit me! “.

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