Piers Morgan says Royal Family has ‘irreparably damaged public trust’ with Kate Middleton photo edit

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Kate Middleton stepped down from public duties to focus on her health and people have been trying to figure out if the Princess of Wales is well, questioning her future

The Royal Family have ‘irreparably’ damaged public trust amid the Kate Middleton Mother’s Day photo edit.

Kate Middleton stepped down from public duties to focus on her health and people have been trying to figure out if the Princess of Wales is well, questioning her future. After an edited Mother’s Day photo and a video that showed Kate and Prince William at a farm shop following the release of an edited image, the public have allegedly lost trust of the monarchy, says Piers Morgan.

Piers said that the Palace messed things up by releasing that heavily edited photo on Mother’s Day in a failed attempt to make people believe Kate is doing well. TMZ spoke with many insiders and experts for its documentary TMZ Investigates: Where is Kate Middleton? “None of it makes sense,” Piers said to the camera in his sit down interview. Speaking about the altered photo, he added: “The people I blame for this are the palace press team. What were they thinking passing this on to the world’s media without making basic checks?”

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“You wonder if everything is fine,” he said, “Seems very strange that you’d go through all those edits.” Piers also mentioned he had a close source to the Princess of Wales who said that Kate looked nothing like the photo at the time it was supposedly taken. “I don’t believe that’s an accurate depiction of how she looked at the time,” Piers said.

David Jorgenson, a senior reporter for The Washington Post, went on to say the Palace has not addressed why Kate appeared well walking with William this past weekend in Windsor, giving the public a sense of mistrust.

On Kate’s importance in the family, former butler to Princess Diana Paul Burrell also spoke on the latest headlines. He said: “I want them to pull through this crisis. I want them to show the world that everything is well within the house of Wales and I want them to go forward because they are our hope for the future. Without them – without Kate – the Royal Family is finished.”

Royal correspondent, Ellie Hall, also observed a photo of Kate, when she was spotted with her mother in the car and pointed a number of things with the Princess of Wales ‘ appearance like her sunglasses, hair and face features/ Kate has been at the center of attention after she has taken a break from her Royal duties and stepped out of the limelight following her abdominal surgery.

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Despite reassurances from Kensington Palace that her recovery is coming along well, fans are devising wild conspiracy theories that the Duchess of Wales is “missing.” The theories started when she uploaded a photo on Mother’s Day that was later given a “kill notice” by major photo agencies due to the amount of photoshop errors.

Taking to X, formerly known as T witter, Kate said: “Like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally experiment with editing. I wanted to express my apologies for any confusion the family photograph we shared yesterday caused. I hope everyone celebrating had a very happy Mother’s Day. C.”

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