Pret cracking down on ‘free’ coffee hack that lets you share with friends from today

By Staff

Pret A Manger is cracking down on Club Pret members sharing their free coffee with others from today.

Customers currently pay £30 a month to join Club Pret, which allows you to get up to five free coffees each day and 20% off food. To bag the freebie, all people needed to do was scan a QR code. This QR code was located in the Pret app, but you could also download it to your Apple Pay or Google Wallet.

This meant it could then be sent to mates who fancied a coffee – however, this is against the terms and conditions of the reward scheme. Club Pret members will now need to log into their Pret app every time they want to claim their free beverage – so they will not be able to send their freebie to others. Pret members were frustrated with the upcoming change and took to social media to vent.

One X – formerly twitter – user said:@ “@Pret Just a piece of feedback. I just received the email advising you are removing support for Apple Wallet. As much as I love my subscription, having to rely on an App to keep me logged in and load to show a barcode instead of hugely convenient Apple Wallet integration is a HUGE step backwards. It’s making me re-consider my subscription in the first place.”

Another said: “@Pret what is the thinking about changing the subscription QR code so it can’t be added to Apple Wallet, so has to be accessed from the app. This seems a huge backwards step!”

Pret’s coffee subscription first launched in 2020, when it was just £20 a month., but rose to £25 and then £30 last year due to a surge in costs, such as wages and ingredients.

A Pret spokesperson told the Mirror: “We’re updating how Club Pret subscribers access their QR codes as we continue to invest in our digital offer for customers. QR Codes will now be available exclusively via the Pret App and can no longer be added to Apple or Google wallets. Live QR codes will be reissued to all subscribers. This will deliver a more complete digital experience, so that the Pret App becomes the main digital touchpoint for our customers. We encourage any customers that need further support to contact our customer service team.”

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