Prince Harry ‘distrusts’ William’s growing bond with Camilla for heartbreaking reason

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According to a royal author, Prince Harry ‘distrusts’ his brother Prince William’s growing bond with their step mother Queen Camilla for a heartbreaking reason

Prince Harry “distrusts” Prince William’s growing bond with Queen Camilla for a heartbreaking reason, it has been claimed.

In recent weeks, the working group of senior working members of the Royal Family has been stripped bare amid King Charles and Princess Kate stepping away from the spotlight during their current health struggles.

The King announced that he had been diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, with Princess Catherine also revealing her own cancer diagnosis just last week. Because of this, both the King and the Princess of Wales are receiving treatment and not in the public eye currently.

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While the King undergoes treatment and recuperation Queen Camilla also stepped in to attend to official duties, with Prince William also forced to step up, representing the monarchy at a string of royal engagements. And because of how close Camilla and William have been working of late, this won’t be sitting well with California-based Prince Harry.

Speaking exclusively to The Mirror, Tom Quinn, a royal expert and author said: “He [Harry] really distrusts that William actually gets on rather well now with Camilla – Harry will see this as a betrayal. He was shocked when William realised that Camilla, far from being the monster they thought her when they were children, is actually a rather nice woman.”

Mr Quinn added: “She is exceptionally good at listening with a sympathetic ear and William has definitely warmed to that. Harry on the other hand sees this as one more example of William letting the side down – for Harry things have never moved on really since his mother died.”

Elsewhere, the expert added: “For Harry, Camilla was the wicked stepmother back then, and she still is.

“It’s all very sad, but shows that the huge geographical divide between the brothers – Harry in America, William in London – has become a physical manifestation of their emotional separation.”

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