Prince Harry may ‘never’ heal family rift completely with US permanent move, says ex royal butler

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His decision to break away from the royal family and move to the US sent shockwaves through the world. Now Prince Harry may ‘never’ heal his family rift, a former royal butler has said

Prince Harry will be jetting over to the UK in a bid to reunite with his family after years of ‘feuding’.

Now a former royal aid has said a union may be even further away. In a new interview, a former royal butler has claimed Prince Harry may ‘never’ heal his family rift after his ‘very sad’ decision to ‘break away’ from the Royal Family completely with his permanent US move.

After stepping down as a senior working royal over four years ago, Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, has formally confirmed he is now a US resident with official documentation.

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Harry’s bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey, coupled with his controversial book Spare is said to have driven a wedge between Harry and the royal family. The rift happened as Harry moved to Montecito, California, where he lives with wife Meghan and their two children, after they announced their shocking departure from the Royal Family.

Since then, Harry has only returned a few times. His most recent visit was when he flew to London from the US to visit his dad, King Charles, after he bravely announced the news he had been diagnosed with cancer. Now, this latest move is thought to have driven a further wedge between Harry and his family.

Speaking to Slingo on the news, former royal butler Grant Harrold said: “Obviously, this just shows that Harry has decided to break away completely from his home, which is very sad. Whether this is to do with his family or work, he seems to have decided that that is where he is going to spend most of his time. This will bring in a lot of questions because he is still a counsellor of state and people will wonder if he has to renounce that if he isn’t in the country. It’s going to be interesting to see how it will all work.

“I am assuming that sadly this means the relationship with his family is not back to where it was and maybe never will. I’ve always thought it would go back but it’s possible that the relationship is over.”

Meanwhile Prince Harry has lifted the lid on just how he got the nickname ‘spare’.

Royal fans all over the world were stunned with the rather harsh nickname for the The Duke of Sussex. Now he has revealed just how he got it. In a newly-resurfaced excerpt from the book, Prince Harry discussed his relationship with his father King Charles.

He revealed it was his dad who actually gave him the nickname – in reaction to Princess Diana giving birth to a second boy. Harry said his dad’s words were: “Wonderful! Now you’ve given me an heir and a spare – my work is done.”

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