Prince William’s nine words about Kate Middleton reveal how much he needs her

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Prince William has opened up about his wife the Princess of Wales while on a visit to Sheffield today, which comes after video emerged of Kate, who is recovering from surgery, smiling alongside him as they visited a farm shop in Windsor

Prince William has celebrated his wife’s work with young children as he joined a conference to help end homelessness – just hours after a video emerged of the Princess of Wales out in Windsor amid her recovery from abdominal surgery.

The Prince of Wales has visited Sheffield today as part of his ambitious project to help end homelessness, which has been given a boost worth £1million from a DIY retailer. The outing comes just hours after footage emerged showing him and Kate visiting a farm shop in Windsor that shows the princess appearing to be well on the road to recovery following her abdominal surgery in January. In the video the princess can be seen with her hair down, wearing a black jacket and leggings, chatting with William and carrying a large white bag.

In Sheffield today, Wills, 41, agreed to pose for a selfie with a well-wisher and hailed a former rough sleeper who had turned his life around, calling him “brave” for telling his story. The Prince of Wales joined Homewards Sheffield Local Coalition meeting at the Millennium Gallery – to discuss ways to end homelessness. When the topic of early childhood was raised by Kate Joseph, chief executive of Sheffield City Council, William immediately remarked about the success of Kate’s Early Years projects. Holding his palms out and smiling, he said: “That’s my wife’s area, she needs to sit here.”

The prince arrived in Sheffield City Centre by car and walked through the Winter Garden – an urban glasshouse. Leigh Stinchcombe, 33, grabbed William for a selfie and said afterwards he was a “big fan” of the prince. Wills held Leigh’s coffee mug and helped work the phone before patting him gently on the shoulder and shaking hands.

Afterwards, sitting in the Millennium Gallery’s conference space with the coalition, Wills heard from project worker Chris Lynam, 41, who described how he had turned his life around after he ended up homeless then in jail seven years ago. William said: “I want to say how brave you are to be here telling your story, it’s amazing where you are.” The prince asked his aides to get Chris’s contact details so they could stay in touch.

William also asked the experts for their opinions about the extent of family homelessness in the city of Sheffield and impact of drug addiction on leading to rough sleeping. He also discussed how early intervention can turn around lives and asked Chris to explain during his ‘journey’ the moments when people “stepped in” to help.

Looking animated, Wills said: “You guys know this better than I do, but there is no one-size or one solution that fits all. I see it almost as an umbrella and all your ideas, wisdom and experiences together, and we can mix around and produce something.” Two members of the coalition grabbed William after he left the room to bend his ear about their ideas for stopping homelessness.

Homelessness project worker Chris Lynam, who also served in the Navy and spent time in jail and committed crimes including reckless arson and burglary, said afterwards: “He was a nice man and really listened. I liked him.”

Earlier today, William also unveiled a link-up with DIY giant Homebase who have pledged a major investment of £1million to support Homewards in furnishing and decorating new house in projects. In a second major initiative, William revealed that local Sheffield landlords have committed to provide 31 homes as a start for families at risk of, or experiencing, homeless in the city.

He also spoke to several people with lived experience of homelessness and those working with them. He was told that many experiencing homeless had suffered deep personal trauma that they needed support for. One of those he spoke to was influencer and campaigner Kwajo Tweneboa, 25, from Croydon, south London, who said he was ‘blown away’ by William’s determination to use his position to bring about systemic change.

Mr Tweneboa has personally experienced family homeless since the age of 12 – finding himself living in a storage container with his family at one point – and has devoted his life to highlighting the often truly horrific stories of those suffering from sub-standard social housing.

He said: “People up and down the country are living in slum-like conditions. There are not enough solutions – and when I spoke to William’s team I thought ‘yes, they get this’’ They want to do something. Those living in poor conditions do not often have their voices heard. He hears them.”

Before he left the meeting William chatted at length with a group of users at The Learning Zone library area about everything from their love of Elvis to his wife. Peter Brownley, 61, told him that he was a huge fan of the Royal Family and had sent the Princess of Wales a get well soon card. “You really are very kind,” the prince said.

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