Professional Easter egg taster says we’re storing chocolate all wrong – and it ruins taste

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We’re all storing Easter eggs wrong according to a professional chocolate taster at Morrisons, but luckily he has shared the key to keeping our choccie fresher for longer so you can avoid ‘funny texture’

Easter is a time when many people receive chocolate eggs in abundance, and without being sick, it’s impossible to eat them all in one day.

There’s a debate that rages about whether chocolate eggs should be stored in the cupboard, or the fridge, and people have differing ideas on the matter. But finally, an Easter egg expert has shared how you should actually store your tasty treats – and it may prove controversial to those who love eating chilled choccie.

Tim Kelly, 33, tastes Easter eggs professionally for Morrisons, has confirmed those storing chocolate in the fridge are doing it wrong – because it actually does something to the treat that’s less than ideal.

Tim exclusively told The Mirror: “You shouldn’t store Easter eggs in the fridge. But if you insist, you should store them very close to the time you’re going to eat them.” But why?

The professional chocolate taster explained: “Storing chocolate in the fridge can disrupt the fat, and essentially when it’s melted and reheated to room temperature it allows the fats to crystallise in a certain way which gives it the texture everybody loves in chocolate.

“When you cool down chocolate, it disrupts that fat structure, and essentially what we call ‘bloom’ can happen, which is when the surface of the chocolate will go white because the fat is coming to the surface – and people don’t like that. It means that the texture goes funny and it doesn’t look very appealing.”

But he did share a way around it, if you prefer your chocolate a little cooler, or the weather is seriously hot. Tim admitted that he “quite likes having cool chocolate” because it has a “very good snap”, so he shared that the best thing to do is “store it in the fridge 20 minutes before eating”. “Especially in the summer when it’s a little bit warmer and chocolate goes a little bit softer”, he added.

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