Protect your cooker from stubborn grease and grime with 79p shower essential

By Staff

Stubborn grime in your kitchen can be difficult to lift, but home interior expert Claire has revealed a nifty trick for removing grease from your cooker hood and adding great shine

When it comes to cleaning the cooker, there’s nothing worse than stubborn grime that just won’t shift – no matter how much elbow grease you apply.

In fact, research has revealed that Brits are most likely to steer clear of oven cleaning than any other area of the home. The poll of 2,238 UK homeowners, conducted by Web Blinds, found that 71 percent avoid the tedious task at all costs.

Fortunately, one household guru has shared a nifty trick to help make the mundane chore a little easier, and it will only set you back by 79p. Home interior expert Claire, who goes by @forever_and_always_home online, shared her shampoo hack for a grease-free and shiny cooker hood.

Taking to Instagram, Claire said: “I love to find alternative uses for products, especially when the results are so good. I use shampoo to clean my cooker hood. It creates a protective barrier against dust, helps remove grease and adds a great shine.”

In the video, the expert applied a small amount of shampoo onto a cleaning cloth, before generously wiping over the kitchen appliance. For those trying the trick for the first time, Claire suggests cleaning the hood beforehand, and using shampoo to make future chores easier.

She confessed: “I used baby oil in the past, which also works well but attracts the dust as it’s so oily.” While Claire used Garnier Ultimate Blends to clean her cooker, shoppers can pick up shampoo from as little as 79p at Tesco or Aldi.

Another versatile product that Claire uses is hairspray, which she claims is “great at creating a protective barrier”. She added: “It will help fight against dust settling on your curtains with a quick spray.”

What’s more, the hair care essential also works on clothing collars to prevent make-up transferring onto the fabric and spoiling the outfit. Home advisor Jenna Schuster also recommends using hairspray to prevent pet fur from sticking to your furniture and floors.

This works by spraying the product onto a dry washcloth, and once the spray is close to dry, wipe the fur off couches, carpet, clothes or any other surface. Impressed followers flocked to the comments to share their reaction to Claire’s helpful tips, as one user gushed: “Great hacks I had never heard of before!”

Another penned: “Ooooh need to try the shampoo one,” while a third echoed: “I’ll definitely try the shampoo hack.” A fourth revealed another handy use for hairspray, as they said: “Hairspray is also good on a squeaky door hinge.”

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