Quality Street shocks fans with big change to iconic flavours – with reassuring message

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Some of the most iconic Quality Street chocolates have undergone a major makeover – but worry not, as Nestle reassures fans the sweet treats will still ‘taste great’

Quality Street chocolates have undergone a major revamp – but will still maintain their ‘great taste’.

The cult-favourite choccies, which are highly popular with Brits over holidays such as Easter and Christmas, may start to look a little different. The Nestle-owned brand has given two of its most iconic flavours a jazzy makeover, following a ‘successful trial’ at the end of last year.

It comes after the confectionary giant launched its viral Golden Collection Incredible Egg – which saw shoppers flocking to budget retailer B&M to stock up. So, here’s what to expect the next time you tuck into a tub of treats…

The Purple One is arguably one of the best Quality Street flavours, featuring a smooth milk chocolate shell with runny caramel and crunchy hazelnut. But its distinctive camel hump-like shape has been replaced with a walnut-whip style appearance.

The Orange One, known for its hexagonal shape and foil wrapping, is another top-tier chocolate that has been transformed into a new dome shape with a swirl pattern on the sides and top. Despite the change in appearance, Quality Street reassures their taste will stay the same.

“After a successful trial at Christmas, we’ll be permanently rolling out new shapes for two of our much-loved sweets,” said Jemma Handley of Quality Street. “We know how iconic [our] sweets are and we have taken great care and attention to make sure that it is the same great tasting The Purple One¬ģ and Orange Crunch that people know and love in their iconic coloured wrappers.

“At Quality Street, we also know that fans feel very passionately about their own particular favourites. And, we make sure there is something for everyone within the mix.”

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Last week, Swiss chocolatier Lindt issued a warning ahead of Easter as it confirms it had ‘no choice’ but to increase the prices of its already-expensive chocolates. That’s right, we may as well cancel Easter already.

Gilles Rouvière, who represents 70 brands including Nestlé, Ferrero and Lindt, blamed the move on increased cots of packaging, transport and staff salaries Рechoing the sentiment of Cadbury who also announced a hike in prices.

“The fault lies with torrential rains in Ivory Coast and Ghana, combined with a significant drought, which disrupted the harvests,” he told French publication Actu. “The difficult weather in these two countries [that are] main bean producers and powerful exporters has caused cocoa prices to soar. In one year, the price per tonne increased by 114 per cent, reaching an average of 4,500 euros over the year.”

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