Restaurant blasted for ‘ridiculous’ discount for parents as diners are outraged

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A restaurant has decided to award parents whose children behave in a certain way with a discount on their bill, and while some people think it’s a good idea, others have branded it ‘ridiculous’

This restaurant decided to award parents whose kids behaved in a certain way – and many have branded it ‘ridiculous’

It’s always a bit of a lottery when you take kids to a restaurant – sometimes they might be quiet and angels, but other times they might throw a tantrum on the middle of the floor. Most of the time this isn’t something parents can be blamed for – it’s just part of having young kids.

So when one restaurant decided to dish out a discount to parents who had ‘well behaved kids’, many were outraged. A diner recently took to Reddit to show a receipt from a recent trip to an eatery showing they received a 6.72 (it doesn’t say what currency) discount with the reference ‘Well Behaved Kids’.

They captioned the image: “This restaurant gives you a discount if you have well behaved kids.” The forum poster didn’t confirm which restaurant it was, or where in the world it was located, but it’s safe to say the discount rubbed many people up the wrong way – while others thought it was ‘genius’.

Thousands of people commented on the post, with one parent slamming: “As someone who has what people continue to refer to as a ‘well-behaved’ baby, I think this is really stupid. Kids are people; they’re human beings, and not all of them are going to be ‘well-behaved’ all the time. That’s life.”

Another wrote: “This is insane and dumb for a restaurant. Having someone make a judgement call on every single table with kids (unless it’s a literal guarantee to make them come back) is ridiculous,” while another added: “What if the family gets the discount, comes back, and then doesn’t get it? Manager will probably get involved.”

However, not everyone was against the idea. One person wrote: “I love this. I would never get it, everyone assumes my autistic son just needs more discipline. But s**t if most kids aren’t entitled little brats because of their parents.”

Another wrote: “I would absolutely 100 percent give a massive discount to well-behaved children at my job..,” and a third commented: “It’s probably illegal to charge extra for unruly kids. So put the extra charge on the basic kids meal price then give a ‘discount’ for everyone well behaved.”

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