Restaurant flogs ‘average’ soup for a staggering £128 – and diners don’t hold back

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Diners have slammed a pricey high-end Chinese restaurant for the ‘average’ food served there, as people fork out an eye-watering £128 for a simple bowl of soup

If you’re going to pay £128 for a bowl of soup, you’d hope it would be better than “average”.

That’s what some diners have said about the eye-watering soup served at a high-end London restaurant. The pricey dish has been slammed by diners who didn’t hold back when it came to reviewing what could be the UK’s most expensive soup, known as The Monk Jumps Over The Wall.

You’ll find this soup on the menu at Gouqi, a London-based fine dining Chinese restaurant, along with some other pretty expensive courses. Diners can enjoy an eight-course deluxe tasting menu for an unbelievable £1,520 – but it seems people aren’t that impressed with the food, including the soup.

The Monk Jumps Over The Wall soup is a shark fin soup that is mostly made up of animal products including quail eggs, scallops, chicken, pork, sea cucumbers and, of course, shark fin. The unique name comes from the fact it’s claimed to be “so delicious” that it could entice vegetarian monks to try it and eat meat.

Despite the soup being served for two people, the £128 price tag has baffled people over the “average” tasting dish. One diner explained: “For the prices, which are astronomical, it doesn’t hit the mark. A decent place to try (if you pick the right dishes) but not to return to,” while another visitor penned: “The dishes are average, the price is expensive, not recommended.” [sic]

A third echoed and said: “High-end restaurant with decent food but overpriced. Cocktails and desserts are the highlight. A lot of specials require preorder. Service is ok.”

The restaurant also offers spring rolls on the menu, but they are priced at a staggering £16.50 each. However, on the cheaper end of the menu, guests can opt for a cheaper soup of sweet corn and chicken for £15 a bowl and served either hot or cold, as well as sour soup with seafood for £16.

Another unique soup served at Gouqi Royal Superior One Cup Bird’s Nest Soup for £95 a bowl. For those who do enjoy splashing the cash on expensive soup. This dish is made from a bird’s nest, specifically created from the saliva of swiftlets. It is known to be expensive as it’s believed to contain several health benefits – such as keeping a youthful look for longer.

The Mirror has contacted Gouqi for comment.

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