Ryanair, Jet2, BA, TUI and easyJet passengers warned over major red flag flight habit

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Ocean Florida asked 2,000 holidaymakers for their biggest travel red flag to find out which behaviour is the most irritating, with passengers being rude to staff coming out as the overwhelming winner

Passengers of Ryanair, Jet2, British Airways, TUI and easyjet have been warned about a ‘red flag’ habit that they should avoid while on holiday.

Ocean Florida surveyed 2,000 holidaymakers to find out the most annoying behaviour. The study revealed that being rude to staff is the biggest holiday red flag, with 73% of people finding this behaviour irritating. The second biggest red flag was getting drunk for most of the holiday.

Other annoying behaviours included listening to music out loud and talking too loudly on the phone. Georgina Stumer, a registered counsellor, said: “The things that we often ignore, or find endearing about each other, can sometimes feel more intense or annoying when we are on holiday together,” meaning it’s easier to spot red flags that might annoy you.

“A ‘red flag’ is more than just a one-off misstep. It’s a sign that something isn’t quite right in how we feel about this person. In everyday life, it’s easy to brush off these ‘red flags’. But on holiday, we spend much more time with each other, and we might start noticing them more frequently.”

Other bug bears include listening to music out loud and always being on your phone, as well as putting your bare feet up on a plane. Wearing socks with sandals was another faux pas mentioned, although that seems like a fashion crime as opposed to a social one. The last thing to avoid according to the discerning poll respondents is clapping when the plane lands.

Last year Mirror readers were asked to rank the habits they found most annoying on flights. Flossing in the cabin, seat kicking and getting up too quickly were just some of the bad plane actions which enrage Mirror readers. More than 10,000 readers let us know what infuriates them the most when jetting off on a trip.

The overwhelming winner, with around 40% of the vote, was fellow passengers ‘kicking or pushing the back of your seat’. When you’re trying to settle back and make the most of an uncomfortable Ryanair or easyJet seat after a crack of dawn journey to the airport, the last thing you want to feel is an irregular whacking on the back of your chair.

One woman recently wrote of being tormented by a child behind her who not only walloped her seat but grabbed her hair and poked her for hours straight in what sounds like a flight from the very bowels of hell.

Second on the list of aggravating occurrences was when the passenger in front reclines their seat too far back, with 2,749 votes. In the confines of economy class losing a precious inch or two of space can make the flight that much more uncomfortable, especially when you’ve got a tray of airline food on your lap.

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